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Foreign Currency POS

Foreign Currency POS is the most advantageous POS solution for member workplaces that have a high-volume overseas market and serve mainly foreign customers.

Foreign Currency POS is a POS solution that enables transactions in TRY, USD and EUR. Customers who want to trade at POS with foreign bank cards can make transactions by selecting the relevant foreign exchange rate from the exchange rate menu displayed on the POS. The turnover realized with Foreign Currency POS is calculated by the exchange rate of the transaction.

When a foreign card is submitted, the POS recognizes the card with the Foreign Currency POS feature and allows transactions in EUR / USD. Thus, the transaction is reflected in the bank statement of the card user at the relevant exchange rate and the customer knows how much he / she is paying. The transaction amount is also transferred to the member workplace's foreign currency account. The exchange rate does not affect the transaction.

The main features of Foreign Currency POS are as follows:

  • Foreign Currency POS is a feature added by Kuveyt Türk to POS devices for member workplaces that have customers using foreign cards.
  • Kuveyt Türk activates the Foreign Currency POS feature by updating the POS device that the member workplace is using.
  • The card holder does not encounter exchange rates and surprise prices in the bank statement. This will minimize chargeback (spending objection) processes.
  • Customer dissatisfaction caused by unexpected foreign exchange rates and commissions is avoided.
  • Visit your nearest Kuveyt Türk branch, to obtain a Foreign Currency POS.

Doctor POS

Choose Kuveyt Türk Doctor POS in your private office or clinic, and document your income easily!

Doctor POS is a specially developed POS application for use by doctors, dentists and veterinarians who pay income tax. Doctor POS enables you to document your self-employed income according to Tax Procedure Law (TPL) with the slips produced by your POS device. With your POS, you will receive both your bill and your slip.

*Since September 1, 2008, physicians, dentists and veterinarians who are self-employed are obliged to keep POS machines at workplaces and to make credit card payments from these devices.

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