Kuveyt Türk supports solid projects in each sector across Türkiye with its Leasing service.

You can use Kuveyt Türk Leasing solutions to meet all your project needs.

What Is Leasing?

Leasing is a financing method of renting certain assets for a limited time. The user pays for the use of an asset without owning it; the leasing company holds the ownership rights of the asset while the user benefits from its functionality.

Who Can Apply for Leasing?

The commercial entities listed below may apply for leasing through Kuveyt Türk branches if they actively produce services or goods.

  • Joint Stock and Limited Liability Companies
  • Sole Proprietorships
  • Collective Companies
  • Self-Employed Individuals
  • Joint Ventures

How to Apply for Leasing?

  1. Select the property you wish to take on the lease and apply to our bank.
  2. Following your application, you will be offered a payment plan suitable for your cash flow.
  3. If you find the offer suitable, submit the proforma invoice, application form, and other necessary documentation to our branch.
  4. We will evaluate your leasing application and inform you of the conclusion.
  5. Once the leasing contract is signed, the process commences.
  6. After you receive the asset subject to the contract, Kuveyt Türk pays the seller.
  7. You pay your rent during the contract period and take over the property if you wish at the end of the period.

Leasing Advantages

Leasing is an advantageous and flexible way to use assets to fulfill your company's needs.

  • Through leasing, longer-term and flexible payment plans can be determined to match the cash flow.
  • The profit share portion of the rent is recognized by the lessee as an expense in the period to which it belongs.
  • Depending on the company's tax status, the cost of the fund may be more attractive than other financing methods.
  • Companies can prefer the Sale and Leaseback model to make alternative investments with the funds generated by selling the company's fixed assets to the lessor (Kuveyt Türk). With leaseback, the asset in question can be used and owned again at the end of the contract.

Leasing Products and VAT Rates


Air Transportation VAT
Airplane %1
Helicopter %1


Water Transportation VAT
Bulk Cargo %20
        Tanker          %20 
Passenger   %20 
 Yacht %20

Machinery and Equipment

Heavy Equipment VAT
Dozer %1
Excavator %1
Carrier %1
Forklift %1
Loder %1


Tourism Equipment VAT
Heating and Cooling Devices %1
Kitchen and Laundry Equipment %1


Office Equipment VAT
Computers %20
Photocopier %20
FAX Machines %20
Phones %20
Office Supplies %20


Textile Machines VAT
Weaving Looms %1
Yarn Manufacturing Machines %1
Paint Machines %1
Garment Sewing Machines %1


Press and Publication Equipment VAT
Printing Machines %20
Typesetting Systems %20
Desktop Publishing Systems %20


Other Machinery and Equipment VAT
Production Machines %1
Packaging Machines %1
Machines Used in Food Industry %1
Audio and Video Equipment %20
Metal Processing Machinery %1


Medical Devices VAT
Diagnostic Devices %10
Surgical Devices %10
Dental Units %10
Laboratory Equipment %10


Electronic and Optical Devices VAT
Security Systems %20
Switchboard Systems %1
Electric Motors, Generators %1
Uninterruptible Power Supplies %1

Real Estate

Real Estate VAT
Building %20
Landed Property %20
  • VAT rates in the tables are given in general. These rates are determined according to the CTSP (Customs Tariff Statistics Position) numbers announced by the relevant ministry by law.
  • Click here to review the 1% reduced VAT list.

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Frequently Asked Question

Which goods are subject to leasing?

All investment goods can be subject to leasing. However, intangible goods such as patent rights, intellectual and industrial rights, computer software, or reproduced copies cannot be leased. An asset must fulfill the following requirements to be subject to leasing:

  • It should not have any parts and accessories other than those necessary for its operation.
  • It must be able to be depreciated.
  • It must not lose all its qualities when used.

What are the benefits of leasing?

  • You can benefit from medium and long-term flexible lease payment plans.
  • You can protect your company's cash accumulation thanks to 100% financing.
  • You can obtain a fixed rent guarantee that does not change during the contract period.
  • Since the purchasing process will be managed by Kuveyt Türk, you will have the advantage of operational convenience.
  • For the equipment purchased with leasing, depreciation is reserved by the lessee, and the profit share portion of the monthly payments is shown as an expense by the lessee.
  • VAT for most machines and equipment is applied at 1% in case of leasing.
  • Transactions related to the establishment of the contract and obtaining collateral are exempt from taxes and fees.
  • In Sale and Leaseback transactions, the title deed is exempt from purchase and sale fees despite the change of ownership.
  • A fee of 4.55 per thousand is paid when transferring the real estate to the bank. No fee is paid when transferring to the customer.

How to determine the VAT rate of the equipment to be leased?

With the decree that entered into force in line with the Council of Ministers decision published in the Official Gazette dated 27.12.2011:

  • In all financial leasing transactions made within the investment incentive certificate, the lease VAT rate to be applied is 1%, regardless of their HS numbers or whether they are new or used.
  • The VAT rate to be applied to the machinery or devices (excluding the used ones and their parts, components, and accessories), the HS numbers of which are specified in Item No. 17 in Article 1 of the decree, is 1%, if they are subject to financial leasing and if the following conditions are met.
    • The groups of goods in these rates must not be used. If used, no discount is applied, and the VAT rate is applied as before the decision.
  • In the regular purchases of all machinery and equipment other than the HS numbers specified in the annex of the decree published in the Official Gazette, the VAT rate remained at 8% or 18%, depending on the equipment.

Can used machinery or equipment be leased? Is there a VAT advantage?

Used equipment can be leased. However, there is no VAT advantage.

Can there be a customer down payment in leasing transactions?

A customer down payment of up to 40% of the cost of goods can be considered. Only VAT is charged for the amount subject to a down payment.

What are the possible costs of leasing transactions?

Following is a list of the possible costs in leasing transactions:

  • Registration of the contract
  • License plate registration for work machines and vehicles subject to registration
  • Insurance costs
  • Consultancy fee for incentivized transactions
  • Real Estate Sell and Leaseback title deed fee (Only when customers transfer to our bank)
  • Customs consultancy fee for import transactions
  • Power of attorney costs, if required by the transactions

What is the VAT rate for Sale and Leaseback transactions?

These transactions are exempt from VAT.

Can Leasing transactions be made with incentives?

Leasing transactions can be exempt from VAT within the extent of the incentives included in the Investment Incentive Certificate. If there is a profit share support within the document, support can be received at the rates determined by the state for the profit share to be paid.

Is it possible to change the lessee in leasing transactions?

You can change the lessee upon your request.

Is early buyout possible in leasing transactions?

Leasing transactions can be paid off early.

How does the leasing transfer process work?

If the payments are collected, the business machines subject to registration are transferred through a notary public when the transfer date arrives. The process is realized by delivering the transfer receipt to the lessee for machines not subject to registration.

Is it possible to lease with FX repayment?

It is possible to lease with FX repayment for transactions that meet the FX utilization conditions specified in the legislative amendment that entered into force on 02.05.2018.

Are there maturity and price advantages in leasing?

Leasing offers advantages to our customers in terms of maturity and price as it positively differentiates from other products.

Can we also fund insurance premiums in leasing transactions?

Insurance premiums can be added to the repayment plan by adding to the Leasing project price upon customer request.

Is insurance required in leasing transactions?

Insurance is required in order to provide assurance against risks that may occur in the leased asset.

Which periods should the fixture insurance policies issued in leasing transactions cover?

Insurance policies should be issued to be valid from the date of establishment of the leased property until its transfer.

What kind of insurance is required for leasing transactions?

Depending on the nature of the leased property and the contract terms, transportation, assembly, leasing all risk, workplace, housing insurance, TCIP, RIB, and compulsory land roads liability policies (traffic insurance) can be issued according to the process.

What are the advantages of long-term insurance instead of annual insurance?

In long-term insurance, the price and premium do not change during renewal. Also, the exemption conditions do not change. The insurance premium can be included in the repayment plan and paid in installments.

What are the documents required for the leasing application?

Companies should submit the following documents to apply for leasing:

  • Corporate tax return and detailed trial balances for the last two years,
  • Tax return and detailed trial balance for the current interim period,
  • Tax plate, signatory circular, certificate of activity, photocopies of partners' identity cards,
  • Photocopies of title deeds and vehicles belonging to the applicant company and company partners,
  • Proforma invoice received from the seller and issued in the name of Kuveyt Türk,
  • Images of the Investment Incentive Certificate, if available.