Car Financing


Do you often think about buying a car? Or do you need financing support for your dream car? Then, it's time for you to learn about Kuveyt Türk Car Financing.

About Car Financing

Kuveyt Türk Car Financing is an interest-free support offered to those who wish to buy a new or used motor vehicle. Our financing support allows you to own the vehicle of your dreams easily. Moreover, you can benefit from terms of up to 48 months while applying.

Feel free to use our calculation tool to see your repayment amount if you were to get financing support. Our tool allows you to calculate your monthly installment for Car Financing and check the repayment plan.

How to Apply for Car Financing

If you are a Kuveyt Türk customer, you can easily apply for car financing. Make your application within minutes through a number of channels. Anyone over the age of 18 can benefit from Car Financing support.

Do not worry if you are not a Kuveyt Türk customer! Visit our Become a Kuveyt Türk Customer page and check out the steps to become a customer. Once you become a customer, you can apply for Car Financing, which offers attractive profit rates and advantageous terms.

Details on Car Financing

  • Car Financing, offered with Kuveyt Türk assurance, features many advantages that are just right for you. For example:
  • Car financing support is available for both new and used vehicles.
  • For used vehicles, financing support is only available for those aged up to 10 years.
  • For vehicles aged 0-5 years, financing is available with a maximum term of 48 months. For vehicles aged 6-10 years, the maximum term is 36 months.
  • The maximum financing amount and term options are calculated based on the sales value for new vehicles and the insurance value for used vehicles.

For more information, please check the table below.

Insurance/Sales Value Ratio of Financing Amount to Vehicle Value Maximum Terms (Month)
0 - 400,000 TRY 70% 48
400,001 - 800,000 TRY 50% 36
800,001 - 1,200,000 TRY 30% 24
1,200,001 - 2,000,000 TRY 20% 12

Car Financing Sample Calculation

Here are some sample calculations for Car Financing.

With additional products:


Financing Amount Term Monthly Profit Rate Installment Amount Total Expenses Total Amount Payable
100,000 TRY 36 1.82% 4,098.64 TRY 625.35 TRY 147,550.72 TRY


Without additional products:


Financing Amount Term Monthly Profit Rate Installment Amount Total Expenses Total Amount Payable
100,000 TRY 36 3,39% 1.639,18 TRY 191,30 TRY 149,298.07 TRY


  • Allocation fee is calculated as 0.5% of the financing amount and added to the total expenses.
  • Pledge fee is 75.35 TRY, and is included in the total expenses.
  • One-year life insurance premium is calculated as 175 TRY for a 32-year-old male customer (The premium may vary on the financing amount, terms, age, and monthly profit rate.).
  • Car insurance premium for a used car worth 400,000 TRY is calculated as 7,500 TRY for a customer of the same age and with a no-claims discount.
  • If the financing is used with a three-month deferral, the profits not received within the said period are added to the first installment profit amount.

Channels to Apply for Car Financing

You can apply for Kuveyt Türk Car Financing through different channels.

  • You may use the Kuveyt Türk Mobile or Internet Branch to apply for Car Financing in the comfort of your home or office.
  • You may also visit the nearest Kuveyt Türk branch to get detailed information about Car Financing and proceed with the application process in no time.

It's that simple! You can easily buy your dream car thanks to Car Financing. All you need to do is to choose the most suitable channel for you and make an application now!

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Financing

What documents are required for Car Financing?

You need to submit a proforma invoice for new vehicles and a license for used vehicles to benefit from the Car Financing support. In addition to these documents, a notarized sales contract and a motor insurance policy are required.

Is there an age limit for vehicles to be eligible for Car Financing?

There is no age limit for new vehicles. For used vehicles, financing support is available for cars up to a maximum age of 10.

What amount of Car Financing is available?

The amount of financing is determined based on the sales value for new vehicles and the insurance value for used vehicles. In this respect, the limits are as follows:

  • Maximum 70% for both new and used vehicles with a sales value or motor insurance value of 400,000 TRY or less
  • Maximum 50% for vehicles worth between 400,001 and 800,000 TRY
  • Maximum 30% for vehicles worth between 800,001 and 1,200,000 TRY
  • Maximum 20% for vehicles worth between 1,200,001 and 2,000,000 TRY

Is pledging mandatory in Car Financing?

Kuveyt Türk pledges the purchased vehicle as collateral. We carry out this process on our end after receiving the pledge fee, which will be paid to the Notaries Union of Turkey. The pledge on the vehicle is automatically released when all of the financing repayments are made.