House Financing


The house of your dreams can now be yours! Thanks to Kuveyt Türk Housing Financing, you can turn your dream house into your cozy new home.

About Housing Financing

Housing Financing facilitates home ownership with advantageous profit rates and different term options.

How to Apply for Housing Financing

Persons over 18 years of age and residents of Türkiye can apply for Housing Financing through different channels.

Details on Housing Financing

  • The amount of financing varies according to the appraised value of the house, whether it is new or pre-owned, and its energy class.
  • When setting up your repayment plan, you may choose any term option up to 60 months.
  • The financing options available for new houses are as follows:
Appraised Value/Energy Class Class A Class B Other
Houses worth up to 5 million TRY 90% 85% 80%
Houses worth 5-10 million TRY 80% 75% 70%
Houses worth 10-20 million TRY 70% 65% 60%
Houses worth over 20 million TRY 60% 55% 50%
  • The financing options available for pre-owned houses are as follows:
Appraised Value/Energy Class Class A Class B Other
Houses worth up to 1 million TRY 90% 90% 90%
Houses worth 1-2 million TRY 70% 65% 60%
Houses worth 2-5 million TRY 60% 55% 50%
Houses worth over 5-10 million TRY Maximum 3 million TRY Maximum 2.75 million TRY Maximum 2.5 million TRY
Houses worth over 10 million TRY 0% 0% 0%

Types of Housing Financing

You may benefit from 3 different types of Housing Financing to meet your needs.

Contracted Housing Projects: Ongoing Construction Projects/Finished Construction Projects

You may prefer Contracted Housing Project Financing when buying a house from ongoing (completed less than 85%) and completed (completed 85% or more) projects of companies contracted with Kuveyt Türk.

Housing Financing with Fixed Payments

If you prefer to pay the same amount of installments every month and know the amount you will pay from the beginning, first become a Kuveyt Türk customer and then apply for this financing. If you are not a Kuveyt Türk customer, you may visit our Become a Kuveyt Türk Customer page and check out the steps to become a customer.

Housing Financing with Irregular Payments

You decide how much you will pay each month with the Housing Financing with Irregular Payments that we offer exclusively for Kuveyt Türk customers. You may increase your installments for one month and decrease them in the next period. You may even set interim payment periods.

Housing Financing Sample Calculation

With additional products:

Financing Amount Term Monthly Profit Rate Installment Amount Allocation Fee Total Amount Payable
100,000 TRY 60 Months 1.92% 2,821.34 TRY 4,956 TRY 169,281.03 TRY

Without additional products:

Financing Amount Term Monthly Profit Rate Installment Amount Allocation Fee Total Amount Payable
100,000 TRY 60 Months 1.99% 2,869.84 TRY 4,956 TRY 172,189.87 TRY
  • The allocation fee is calculated as 0.5% of the financing amount, and the BITT is added to this amount and included in the total cost.
  • The survey fees are included in the total costs as 3,630 TRY.
  • The mortgage fee of 826 TRY is included in the total costs.
  • For a financing of 100,000 TRY, the 1-year premium for home insurance and TCIP insurance are calculated as 400 TRY. The premium may vary depending on the location, type, and age of the residence, as well as the number of apartments in the building.
  • For a financing of 100,000 TRY, the 1-year credit life insurance premium is calculated as 542.77 TRY for a 32-year-old male customer. The credit life insurance premium may vary according to the financing amount, term, age, and monthly profit rate.
  • The financing can be used with a three-month deferment. In such a case, the profits not received within the said period are added to the first installment profit amount.

Channels to Apply for Housing Financing

Use Kuveyt Türk Mobile to easily apply for Housing Financing. After the application, please visit the nearest Kuveyt Türk branch with the necessary documents and have your application completed quickly. If you wish, you may also apply directly to our branches.

Don't postpone buying a house any longer. Get your dream home now with Housing Financing!

Frequently Asked Questions About Housing Financing

What type of houses is Housing Financing used for?

You can use the Housing Financing for housing that is registered as a residence in the title deed, has not been modified contrary to the project after the construction works, has an occupancy permit, and does not have a demolition order for the building it is located in.

Will the housing be mortgaged when I use Housing Financing?

The housing subject to the contract is mortgaged until the repayments of Housing Financing are completed.

How many days does it take to get Housing Financing?

The process is completed within 3 to 10 business days. Preferring digital channels at the application stage may shorten this time frame.

How is the appraised value of a residence determined?

The age, location, floor area, energy class, and other features of the housing to be purchased are taken into consideration during the appraisal process.

How much down payment is required for Housing Financing?

The down payment rate is determined according to the use, appraised value, and energy class of the house to be purchased.

Are foreigners eligible for Housing Financing?

Citizens of the Republic of Türkiye residing abroad can easily purchase a house with Gurbetten Sılaya Real Estate Financing. Foreign citizens on the reciprocity list are also eligible for this financing.

Is financing available for housing under construction?

You may get financing for unfinished buildings through contracted housing projects.