Gold Banking Products


Kuveyt Türk is the pioneer of gold banking in the sector, providing the widest gold product and services with its products such as Grams of Gold, Quarter Gold Coins, Gold Check and Gold Transfer!

You can use Kuveyt Türk gold banking products to provide your loved ones with a prosperous future.

  • Kuveyt Türk's gold banking products are produced as per local and international standards.
  • Thanks to Kuveyt Türk, you can enjoy various banking services that make investing easy and safe.

How to Buy Gold Banking Products?

  • You can create an order for gold banking products through Kuveyt Türk Mobile or Internet Branch.
  • You can obtain physical gold products through Kuveyt Türk branches.
  • You can get some products from the nearest İşlematik.

Types and Features of Gold Banking Products

Gram Gold

  • You can buy gram gold in all Kuveyt Türk branches with 1, 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100-gram options.
  • Gram gold has an international standard of 995/1000 purity.
  • After purchasing your gram gold, you can exchange it or deposit it in Gold Current and Participation Accounts.
  • All Kuveyt Türk gold and other products certified by the Istanbul Gold Refinery are redeemed by upon your application. You can also exchange your gold at jewelry stores. The only condition for you to benefit from both methods is that the packages of the products must not be deformed.

Quarter Gold

  • You can save by opening a Quarter Gold Account.
  • You can withdraw physical gold from your account at through Kuveyt Türk branches.
  • With a one-time order, you can ensure a regular accumulation of quarter gold in your account.
  • You can transfer quarter gold between Kuveyt Türk accounts.
  • You can create a forward order for a quarter gold purchase.

Gold Bullion

  • Through Kuveyt Türk, you can own the first and only gold bars bearing the special design of a Turkish bank.
  • Kuveyt Türk Gold Bullion complies with Borsa Istanbul standards.

Gold Remittance

  • With Gold Remittance, you can transfer the gold in your account in grams or quarters to another person.
  • The person in question can receive the transfer in grams or quarters at our branches.
  • You can benefit from the Gold Remittance service free of charge.
  • Gold Remittance allows you to transfer gold without carrying a valuable asset and facing the risk of it getting stolen or lost.

Gold Order

  • With the Gold Order, you can create an order to buy and sell automatically from your account.
  • The trade will be executed automatically when the exchange rate reaches the level you specify in the order.
  • You can place Gold Orders for both foreign currency and precious metals.
  • You have the option to create a one-time order or a recurring order.

Gold Purchase Order

  • Thanks to the Gold Purchase Order, you can have the opportunity to make regular savings.
  • You can create your order from your Kuveyt Türk accounts and individual credit cards.
  • The minimum amount must be 0.1 grams to create an order.
  • The maximum limit for your credit card orders is 5 grams per month.
  • You can create one-time or recurring orders and set the first transaction date yourself.
  • You can list the orders you have previously created via Kuveyt Türk Mobile and Internet Branch and cancel the ones that have not yet been realized.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Kuveyt Türk packaged gold produced?

Kuveyt Türk Gold Products are produced by the General Directorate of Mint and Stamp Printing House under the assurance of Istanbul Gold Refinery.

What are the features of Kuveyt Türk Quarter Gold?

The quarter gold offered by Kuveyt Türk for your preference is 22-carat purity and weighs 1.75 grams.

Why should I invest in gold bullion from Kuveyt Türk?

  • Kuveyt Türk is the first and only Turkish bank to become a member of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).
  • Kuveyt Türk is the correspondent bank of the Borsa Istanbul (BIST) Precious Metals and Diamond Market.
  • Our Bank ranked first among all BIST members in the annual trading volume of the BIST Precious Metals Market in 2013.
  • Kuveyt Türk has been the bank with the highest annual trading volume in the BIST Precious Metals Market since 2011.
  • Our bank is the leader in Turkey's foreign trade volume of gold bullion.

Which institution approves Kuveyt Türk Gold Banking products?

All our products are approved by the Kuveyt Türk Advisory Board and compliant with AAOIFI Gold Standard.