Golden Days

golden days

Kuveyt Türk brings the gold under the mattress back to the economy with Golden Days!

On Golden Days, you can bring the gold you have accumulated at home into the economy and secure your future.

What are Golden Days?

Through Golden Days, you can have the opportunity to deposit your gold jewelry into new accounts you will open at Kuveyt Türk branches on specific dates.

Things to Know About Golden Days

  • You can deposit white and yellow gold in all forms, such as quarter, half, republic, bracelet, and so on, into your accounts on Golden Days.
  • Your savings are transferred to the account as 24-carat and 995/1000-gram pure gold.
  • Rare Metal Refinery experts check the gold jewelry you bring to our branches.
  • You can choose to deposit your gold jewelry into a current account. Alternatively, you can open a Gold Participation Account and earn additional income.
  • Gold Accounts are under the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (SDIF) guarantee up to TRY 650,000 for real and legal persons.
  • The conversion period for gold transferred to your account on Gold Day is five business days.
  • You can realize the sale transaction after the conversion period.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is taken into consideration during the valuation of gold jewelry?

During the valuation process, the amount of pure gold in the content of gold jewelry is taken into account according to their settings. Labor costs do not affect the valuation process.

Are precious stones in gold jewelry subject to valuation?

Precious stones in gold jewelry designed as jewelry are excluded from the valuation. If you request, the precious stones will be delivered to you.

Do I have to pay for the transactions performed on Golden Days?

No fees and expenses are charged for the gold conversion activity. However, at a later date, certain deductions may be made depending on the type of account to be opened.

How often are Golden Days organized?

The dates of the Golden Days are announced monthly. Please click here to view the current calendar.