Interest-Free Insurance


Kuveyt Türk is ushering in an era of Interest-Free Insurance!

Kuveyt Türk Interest-Free Insurance products offer advantageous solutions for your banking needs within participation banking principles.

About Interest-Free Insurance

Interest-Free Insurance is a risk-sharing where a group of people cooperate to compensate for the damage one of them will suffer from.

How to Apply for Interest-Free Insurance Products

You can easily apply for Interest-Free Insurance products, defined as mutual assistance or collective insurance by contemporary Islamic scholars, at Kuveyt Türk branch.

Details on Interest-Free Insurance

The primary features of Kuveyt Türk Interest-Free Insurance system are:

  • Interest-Free Insurance is based on the principle and purpose of mutual aid.
  • Contributions from shareholders and you as the policyholders are invested in non-interest-bearing market assets.
  • Kuveyt Türk Interest-Free Insurance covers legitimate economic assets, excluding those considered immoral or illegitimate.

Channels to Apply for Interest-Free Insurance

You can easily visit the nearest Kuveyt Türk branch to apply for favorable Interest-Free Insurance products.

If you are not a customer yet, you may visit our Become a Kuveyt Türk Customer page and check out the steps to become a customer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Interest-Free Insurance

What happens if there is a surplus amount at the end of the period from the insurance contributions collected in the pool for mutual aid?

In the event of such a situation, the surplus amount is shared proportionally among the participants in the pool. You can learn more by reading the clause in your policy.

How are Interest-Free Insurance agreements and new products formulated?

All agreements and new products are offered after consultation with an expert advisory committee.

Who audits Interest-Free Insurance activities?

An independent international organization carries out the financial auditing and reporting of Interest-Free Insurance activities.

I live in Germany; how can I apply for Interest-Free Insurance products?

If you live in Germany, you can visit to meet your interest-free insurance needs.