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About Foreign Currency and Gold

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The United States dollar is one of the most commonly used currencies globally. The US dollar, the official currency of certain countries, is a preferred currency in our country, like Gold and Euro. This is why investors closely follow the dollar exchange rate in our country’s foreign exchange market.

The exchange rate of dollars to Turkish lira (USD to TRY), i.e., how much Turkish lira is 1 dollar, is constantly changing. On our Finance Portal page, you can watch the dollar buying and selling rate live, which updates immediately depending on domestic and international developments.

You can track dollar buying and selling rates and other foreign exchange rates such as EUR to TRY and the current rates of EUR-USD in real-time. You can make foreign currency calculations using our site’s currency converter.

Gold is one of the world’s most valuable metals. Gold is unique compared to other metals because it is easier to process.

Since gold is a valuable commodity in demand for investment purposes, current gold prices are dynamic and closely monitored by all investors who wish to purchase or sell gold. Our country mainly sells gold in one Gram Gold or Quarter Gold. Therefore, its current prices are widely followed with interest all the time.

To get an idea about One Gram Gold or Quarter Gold rates, you can monitor live the most current gold prices on our site. You can make gold calculations with the live gold & currency converter.

In addition, the latest comments and analyzes of Dollar, One Gram Gold, and Quarter Gold experts are available under the news tab in our TradePlus application.