Shopping Finance

Shopping Finance

Whenever you need it, Shopping Finance from Kuveyt Türk is there for you!

Do you prefer shopping from e-commerce websites for various categories ranging from electronics to white goods, mobile phones to computers, home textiles to camping equipment? Then, you can always rely on Shopping Finance.

About Shopping Finance

Kuveyt Türk Shopping Finance is a digital banking product that offers the advantage of ease of payment at contracted e-commerce websites and dealers. Kuveyt Türk customers have the opportunity to make payments without using their credit cards thanks to the financing support.

How to Apply for Shopping Finance

Simply follow the steps below to apply for Kuveyt Türk Shopping Finance :

  • After filling your cart on the contracted e-commerce website, select the "Kuveyt Türk QR Payment" option.
  • Open Kuveyt Türk Mobile installed on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Scan the code on the screen by following the "QR Code Transactions -> Make Payment" steps in order.

Applying is that easy! Our customers whose financing application is approved can easily pay for the products in their cart on the e-commerce website with the number of installments they selected during the application. If you want to learn more about the financing you are using, you can click on the "My Financing" menu in our mobile application.

If you are not a Kuveyt Türk customer yet, visit our Become a Kuveyt Türk Customer page and check out the steps to become a customer.

Details on Shopping Finance

Shopping Finance offers many attractive features:

  • Financing support is available 24/7 for purchases up to 100,000 TRY from contracted e-commerce websites.
  • You can repay the purchase amount with installment options of up to 36 months.
  • For mobile phone purchases, up to 12,000 TRY can be paid in installments for a maximum of 12 months. For amounts over 12,000 TRY, the maximum number of installments is 3.
  • Do you need a tablet? Then, you can choose the product you like and pay for it in installments for up to 6 months.
  • The maximum number of installments for computer purchases is set at 12.

Please find below a sample cost table for a 10,000 TRY financing support with a 12-month term.

Financing Amount Term Profit Rate Installment Amount Total Expenses Monthly Cost Rate Annual Cost Rate
10,000 TRY 12 Months 2.98% 1,057.74 TRY 57.50 TRY 3.97% 59.61%
  • The allocation fee is 0.5% of the financing amount. BITT is added to this amount in the calculation.
  • The allocation fee is charged upfront from the account. Therefore, you must have sufficient funds in your account.

How to Pay with Shopping Finance

Take the following steps in order to enjoy the advantage of easy payment with Shopping Finance .

  • When shopping from contracted e-commerce websites, click the "Pay with Kuveyt Türk QR" option at the payment stage. The financing request is submitted to the system with this selection.
  • Select the "QR Code Transactions" page on the mobile application and scan the QR code on the screen.
  • Wait a few seconds for confirmation.
  • If your application is approved, fill in the required fields on the page and confirm the contracts.

Channels to Apply for Shopping Finance

Kuveyt Türk Mobile must be installed on your smartphone or tablet to benefit from the advantages of Shopping Finance. You do not need to wait long to benefit from financing support, thanks to the easy application and instant result features. If you are a business owner, you can contact us at to receive payments from customers with Kuveyt Türk Shopping Finance.

Install Kuveyt Türk Mobile on your smart device now to enjoy Shopping Finance, which eliminates the necessity of using a credit card for your payments!