Other Foreign Trade Transactions



In forward transactions, term, quantity and price variables are agreed upon and contracted that day. Forward is a derivative that allows primarily foreign trade firms and foreign investors who use foreign currency credit to hedge against exchange rate fluctuations and exchange rate risk.

Forward also offers the opportunity to retract and delay the agreed date with a flexible product structure and many features.

Special Branch Cost Rate

A limited number of customers with certain criteria have the opportunity to benefit from Kuveyt Türk's advantageous rates.

Trade Plus

Trade Plus is a system providing treasury customers with online pricing opportunity for Spot-Forward FX and Precious Metal Transactions. It works online. Special certification methods are used in Trade Plus. It provides you with an exclusive username and password. Therefore, it is a safe environment where you can easily perform your treasury transactions.

In addition to making Spot-Forward FX and Precious Metal transactions, it also provides an order system that works 24/7.

Foreign Currency Cheque Transactions

You can open accounts in convertible currencies in Kuveyt Türk and you can draw cheques using the opened accounts. In addition to these personal cheques, you can make payments abroad using Kuveyt Türk's bank cheques.

Please contact the nearest Kuveyt Türk branch to take advantage of our personal cheque services.

Automatic Information Service

Kuveyt Türk informs its customers via e-mail or text message in line with the transactions carried out.