Biz Bize Banking

biz bize

Now is the perfect time to meet with Biz Bize Banking and discover personalized products and services just for you!

What Is Biz Bize Banking?

Kuveyt Türk Biz Bize Banking is our differentiated banking application that we have prepared to provide you with a unique banking experience with the right products tailored to your needs, offering you special advantages. Now is the time to get acquainted with the products and services offered by Kuveyt Türk within the framework of its reassuring banking approach. Welcome aboard.

How to Become a Member of Biz Bize?

In order to become a Biz Bize Banking customer;
You can join Kuveyt Türk Biz Bize Banking world full of advantages by meeting the requirement of reaching at least TL 1,500,000 or equivalent assets in Deposit ( Checking Account, Participation Account) and Investment products (Mutual Fund, Sukuk, Stocks). You will automatically become a Biz Bize customer within 2-3 days after the conditions are met. You can view the special offers defined specially for you from Kuveyt Türk Mobile and Internet Branch.

Biz Bize Banking Opportunities

The Right of Free Passage at Bridges

  • The bridges connecting Asia to Europe are free for you! Five monthly passes on the Fatih Sultan Mehmet and 15 July Martyrs Bridges are free of charge for our Biz Bize Banking customers.
  • The HGS (Fast Transit System) bridge fee refund amounts earned within the scope of the special offer will be transferred to your checking accounts at the end of each month.

Free Miles&Smiles Credit Card that earns Miles as you spend!

  • Miles&Smiles Credit Card, where you can earn Miles for every purchase and get free award tickets with the Miles you accumulate, is free for Biz Bize customers!
  • Your membership type in your Miles&Smiles card, which is offered free of charge within the special offer, is Traveler.
  • Miles you earn with Miles&Smiles Kuveyt Türk cards are transferred to your Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles Passenger Program accounts on the statement cut-off date for credit cards and on the 5th day of each month for debit cards.
  • In addition to shopping, you can also earn Miles by traveling with Turkish Airlines or Star Alliance member airlines. All Miles you earn will accumulate in your account in the Miles&Smiles Passenger Program.
  • With the Miles you have accumulated with your Miles&Smiles Kuveyt Türk credit card, you can organize award tickets for yourself or your loved ones on Turkish Airlines and Star Alliance member airlines.
  • You can purchase your award tickets via Turkish Airlines mobile application, 0850 333 0 849 Turkish Airlines Call Center, and THY sales offices.
  • You can calculate your mileage earnings specific to your Traveler membership type on our Miles&Smiles Kuveyt Türk ( website.
  • When you receive Miles&Smiles Kuveyt Türk cards, if you are a member of the Miles&Smiles Passenger Program, your member number is matched with the card information, and if you are not a member, you are made a Miles&Smiles Passenger Program member at the time of card application.  The TK number, which is the Miles&Smiles Passenger Program member number, is printed on the card, allowing you to easily access your member number in case of need.

Very Advantageous Vehicle Insurance Transactions

  • Within the scope of the special offer, you will earn 10% of your car insurance payments made with your Miles&Smiles cards back to your Miles&Smiles Credit cards as Miles.
  • Within the scope of the special offer, Miles will be transferred to customers who meet the participation conditions 1 month after the vehicle insurance transaction.
  • You can benefit from the special offer with your Miles&Smiles card for your minimum car insurance payments of 4000 TL from Neova Katılım Sigorta through Kuveyt Türk.
  • Customers who cancel their contract within 1 month (withdrawal period) from the policy effective date (the first date of collection) will not be awarded and they will not be eligible for the special offer.
  • The special offer can be utilized once and a maximum of 4,000 Miles can be earned.
  • The special offer is valid on Miles&Smiles Personal Credit Cards.

For every TL 2000 in the PPS, TL 2000 is from Us!

  • Start saving today and enjoy it in retirement. Biz Bize members always have an advantage!
  • You can benefit from special advantages in the Private Pension System, and you can also make applications for yourself from our mobile branch.
  • The vested benefit is paid as a one-off payment separate from the 30% state contribution.
  • Within the scope of the special offer, Kuveyt Türk pays a one-time additional contribution of TL 1500 when you make a monthly PPS contract of TL 1500 and above for yourself, and a one-time additional contribution of TL 500 when you make an Early PPS contract of TL 500 and above for your child.
  • State contribution is not paid for the additional contribution amount to be deposited by Kuveyt Türk within the scope of the special offer.
  • Each customer can benefit from the special offer once for PPS and Early PPS contracts.
  • The vested amount will be credited to your PPS contract as an additional contribution in the month following your entry into the PPS.

Contact with Our Biz Bize Customer Representatives

  • Our expert Biz Bize Customer Representatives are always with you to offer you customized solutions with our wide range of products and services. Your Biz Bize Customer Representative, whose contact information you can easily access from your Mobile Branch, is a phone call away. 

Transaction Priority in Branches

  • We know that your time is precious. You can perform your transactions quickly and easily at our branches without waiting in line and benefit from the advantages of Biz Bize Banking.

Customized Investment Instruments

  • Your savings are under security in Kuveyt Türk checking and participation accounts. Our TL, USD, Euro and Gold denominated participation accounts offer solutions to suit your needs with flexible maturity options and product diversity.
  • With investment accounts that you can easily open from our Mobile Branch, you can trade in alternative investment products such as lease certificates, mutual funds and participation-based stocks. With the Basket Account, where we combine a participation account and a mutual fund in a single product, you can diversify your investments and benefit from the opportunity to earn more advantageous returns.For detailed information, please visit our Accounts page. 

Sağlam Card Privileges

  • You do not pay card fees with Sağlam Card, Kuveyt Türk's card that offers free 5 installments in all education and health institutions. Sağlam Card, where you can earn gold points for your expenditures, offers solutions to your needs throughout the year with periodic installment special offers.
  • Moreover, you can have robust experiences with the Gold and Platinum Card we offer to our Biz Bize Banking customers. Sağlam Platinum Card offers a 10% discount on your international restaurant expenses and makes your life easier with various special offers.
  • For detailed information, please visit our Sağlam Card page.

ATM Withdrawal Limit

  • You can easily meet your cash needs with a daily withdrawal limit of 20,000 TL at Kuveyt Türk ATMs, which are available 24/7.
  • 10,000 TL of the 20,000 TL limit can be used with a card and 10,000 TL can be used with a QR code.
  • Moreover, with your Kuveyt Türk bank cards, you can easily and quickly make withdrawals, deposits and balance inquiries wherever there are PTT ATMs. Cash withdrawals up to TL 5,000 from PTT ATMs are completely free of charge.

Safe Deposit Without Deposit

  • You can store your valuables and documents in the safes you will rent in our branches for monthly, 3-month, 6-month and 1-year periods with peace of mind. Moreover, we do not charge a deposit fee for safe deposit rentals for our Biz Bize Banking customers.

Special Rates for You in FinancesBiz Bize is always advantageous!

  • You can benefit from lower rates in vehicle financing applications you will make through our branches and mobile application and in housing finance applications you will make through our branches.
  • Advantageous rates are calculated in addition to all advantages.