Apply for Sağlam Card Campus

Apply for Sağlam Card Campus

University students between 18 and 25 can apply for Kuveyt Türk's Sağlam Card Campus to enjoy special offers and monthly benefits.

Campus members can apply for Sağlam Card Campus and enjoy many benefits without paying a card fee!

How Can I Apply for Sağlam Card Campus?

University students between 18 and 25, who are Kuveyt Türk members, can apply for the Sağlam Card Campus on Kuveyt Türk Mobile.

Sağlam Card Campus Features


Campus members can enjoy different campaigns during different times of the year with Sağlam Card Campus. Check Sağlam Card Kuveyt Türk Campaigns for the current offers.


You can make your purchases with Sağlam Card Campus in interest-free installments up to a maximum of 5 months within the legal limitations.

Sağlam Card Campus offers the convenience of 5 installments without interest in education and health expenses.

You can use the following channels for determining/changing installments:

  • Kuveyt Türk Mobile
  • Internet Branch
  • Kuveyt Türk Customer Contact Center at 444 0 123
  • SMS - you can text "TAKSİT (space) Last 4 Digits of Your Card Number (space) Number of Installments You Want" to 2848.

Click here for the Installment Calculation Tool.

According to the Regulation on Debit and Credit Cards:

  • Electronic equipment and goods purchases can be divided into a maximum of 4 installments.
  • Maximum 3 installments can be applied to airlines, travel agencies, transportation, and accommodation expenses.
  • A maximum of 6 installments can be applied to computer hardware, software, and service purchases.
  • Up to 9 installments can be made for health products, electrical household goods, and furniture purchases.
  • Telecommunications, direct marketing and foreign expenditures, food, fuel, cosmetics, office supplies, transactions that do not include a tangible good or service such as gift cards/vouchers, gold, silver, foreign currency, tax, insurance, invoice, membership payments cannot be paid in installments.
  • The maximum installment period is 12 months for other sectors without installment restrictions.

Gold Points

Every purchase with Sağlam Card Campus gives you Gold Points. Once your balance exceeds TRY 10, your points will be transferred to your Gold Current account, allowing you to save and withdraw gold from our physical branches.

Cash Advance

You can withdraw cash advances up to 10% of your limit (with a maximum of TRY 100 with your Sağlam Card Campus. You will pay a fee of 1% of the cash advance withdrawal amount (maximum TRY 3). You must pay the cash advance you withdraw in your first statement. If you have any outstanding statement debt in order to withdraw cash advances, you cannot withdraw cash advances.

Virtual Card

You can create a virtual card on Kuveyt Türk Mobile and start making purchases with it. You can manage the card's limits according to your needs and preferences.

You can visit the My Cards tab and click on Create Virtual Card to create a virtual card. Once you create your virtual card, you can use it for internet and mail-order purchases connected to Sağlam Card Campus. You can have up to 20 virtual cards.

As virtual cards are digital, there is no risk of loss or theft. With virtual cards, you can shop safely on all domestic and international e-commerce sites, benefitting from the features of Sağlam Card Campus!

Online Actions

You can perform the following actions related to your card by using the Kuveyt Türk Mobile application:

  • View your card limit, current period expenditures, statement, installment totals for the upcoming periods, and your accumulated Gold Points,
  • View and pay your card debt,
  • Create a virtual card for your online purchases and adjust its limit according to your needs,
  • Change the account cut-off date,
  • Change the number of defined installments,
  • Activate or deactivate your card for online transactions,
  • Set a new card password,
  • Connect your accounts to your card.

Assistance Services

As a Sağlam Card Campus owner, you can access housing, road and travel assistance, and concierge services whenever you need. You can reach the Assistance Support Line via Kuveyt Türk Customer Communication Center at 444 0 123 to request service.

Get your Sağlam Card Campus and enjoy the benefits of Kuveyt Türk's advantageous Campus program!