What is Campus?

What is Campus?

Kuveyt Türk customers between the ages of 18-25 can enjoy special discounts and benefits in their payments every month.

Kuveyt Türk's Campus program offers exclusive privileges to university students between the ages of 18 and 25. Become a member now to enjoy the advantages and unique opportunities of Campus!

So, What Will You Find on Campus?

  • You can find special discounts and campaigns for young university students on Campus.
  • You can access the Campus program campaigns via Kuveyt Türk Mobile.

Who Can Access the Campus Program?

If you are a university student aged 18-25 and a Kuveyt Türk customer, you can join the Campus program to enjoy its perks. All you must do is click the Become a Customer button on Kuveyt Türk Mobile.

How Can I Join the Program?

To join the program, click the "Campus" tab in the Kuveyt Türk Mobile menu. Then, register for the program by entering the barcode number of the student certificate you received from the e-Government in the relevant field.

Become a member now to be part of the advantageous Campus world!