Property Financing

Property Financing

Kuveyt Türk is the address of the fastest solution for your Property Financing Support needs!

Kuveyt Türk responds to all Property Financing needs of enterprises with Letters of Guarantee, Letters of Credits, Acceptance-Guarantee Credits and Reference Letters.

Letters of Guarantee

A letter of guarantee is a commitment made by Kuveyt Türk addressing the organization in question for the delivery of a commodity, fulfilment of a job or payment of a debt or similar issues in favor of a natural or legal person customer of Kuveyt Türk resident in Türkiye or abroad.

A letter of guarantee, which you can have issued in TRY or foreign money, will increase your reliability in the eyes of public institutions and organizations, as well as other real and legal entities with whom you do business, and hence lead to increased business volume and profitability.


  • They can be issued periodically or indefinitely, in Turkish Lira or foreign money.
  • They can take the form of a performance guarantee, provisional guarantee, advance payment guarantee or a custom guarantee.
  • They can cover the purchase of goods, dealership guarantees, contracting work, customs, and court or tax office transactions.


  • They guarantee the commercial relationship between the parties and Kuveyt Türk.
  • Kuveyt Türk customers have a cost advantage with the ability to work without using capital.
  • Enterprise capital needs are met by the bank through the goods purchase letter for the dealers.
  • Especially, an advance guarantee letter supports the preliminary financing of large investment projects.

Letters of Credit

A letter of credit is a document issued by a financial institution to pay a determined amount to a certain beneficiary in exchange for submitting certain documents in regard to the preliminary agreement of Kuveyt Türk and the customer. It is also a provisory bank loan.

Parties of Letter of Credit

  • Applicant: The importer orders his bank to issue a letter of credit.
  • Opening Bank, Issuing Bank: The bank issues the letter of credit upon the order of the importer.
  • Corresponding bank: A corresponding bank abroad acts as the advising bank, confirming bank, if necessary, and negotiating bank. The advising bank, confirming bank and negotiating bank can be either the same bank, or different banks.
  • Beneficiary: The exporter, whom the letter of credit is issued in favor of.

Acceptance – Surety Credits

This is a type of finance that allows importer companies to accept the policy drawn up by the exporter and own the goods without making payments.

Payment to the exporter is made on the maturity of the policy.

Companies can be flexible and act with confidence in foreign trade transactions since the payments are guaranteed by the bank.

In addition, importing companies can guarantee the purchase of the goods they will import in complete and proper condition.

Letters of Reference

A letter of reference, which ensures that the credibility of an enterprise at Kuveyt Türk will be appreciated by the corresponding institution, can be issued in TRY and foreign currencies.

A letter of reference contains information on the limit risk of a company in the eyes of the bank.