İhtiyaç Card


Break The Card at The End of Your Needs!

Sometimes, your shopping list can get very long. The İhtiyaç Card is a practical solution that you may use in case of an urgent need for financing.

About İhtiyaç Card

The İhtiyaç Card is a shopping finance card offered by Kuveyt Türk that provides practical solutions for all your personal needs. So, what can you do with this innovative banking product full of advantages? You can study a language abroad, renovate your home, and buy electronics or goods. Your needs determine the limits of what you can do with the İhtiyaç Card.

How to Apply for İhtiyaç Card

The steps to get the İhtiyaç Card are very simple. Apply for the card through Kuveyt Türk Mobile. If you wish, you can also apply through the Internet Branch. However, if you are not a customer yet, please visit our Become a Kuveyt Türk Customer page to check out the steps to become a customer.

Details on İhtiyaç Card

This card, designed to prevent you from having financial difficulties while meeting your personal needs, has unique features.

  • The İhtiyaç Card is offered to you with the financing balance you request in line with your needs.
  • The card's financial support is valid for 2 months from the day the application is approved. After 2 months, the product is automatically converted into a debit card and can be used for contactless purchases.
  • You may benefit from single payment advantages when purchasing with the İhtiyaç Card. You make payments at the end of the 2-month period when the financing feature ends.
  • When the 2-month period ends, you can pay what you have spent (50 TRY and above) in installments with terms ranging from 6 to 34 months.
  • You can specify the number of installments for purchases you will make with the İhtiyaç Card during application.
  • The term for computer and tablet purchases is 4 months.
  • Mobile phone purchases up to 12,000 TRY can be made in 10 installments.

Advantages of İhtiyaç Card

The innovative features of the İhtiyaç Card enable you to benefit from numerous advantages.

  • You do not need to request any installments from merchants thanks to the İhtiyaç Card. The card automatically pays all your purchases in installments.
  • Did you benefit from the discounted price offered by the seller during your shopping? Then, you can also benefit from the same price advantage during installments.
  • The card eliminates obligations such as presenting invoices and creating a payment plan for each purchase in accordance with the principles of participation banking.
  • You may shop as you wish with the card without facing any restrictions on member merchants and enjoy the advantage of installments from any POS device.
  • Don't worry when the two-month financing period ends. When you need financing support again, you can reapply for an İhtiyaç Card through Kuveyt Türk Mobile.
  • When you apply for a second time, you will not be sent a new card. The card already in use will be converted into financing support for your needs with a new balance loaded on it.
  • When you do not need financing, you can continue to use your card to withdraw and deposit money at ATMs.
  • You can track all transactions you make with your card on a single account statement.
  • Like its standard-functional counterparts, the İhtiyaç Card offers security features against theft and loss.

Download Kuveyt Türk Mobile now to enjoy the advantage of buying today and paying 2 months later. Do not postpone enjoying the advantages of the İhtiyaç Card any longer!

Calculation Tool 

Installment Amount Total Amount Paid Monthly Profit Rate
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Can I withdraw and deposit money at ATMs when my card is in financing mode?

Withdrawals and deposits cannot be made at ATMs when the İhtiyaç Card is in financing mode.

What transactions are not covered by the İhtiyaç Card?

Transactions not covered by the card can be listed as follows:

  • No purchases can be made with the card from places that sell alcoholic beverages.
  • The card cannot be used for grocery, food, and fuel expenses, as well as payments related to liquor stores, auto services, foreign exchange bureaus, casino/games of chance, or court/fine fines.
  • Car rental and phone credit purchases, as well as tax and invoice payments, cannot be made with the İhtiyaç Card.
  • Furthermore, it is not possible to make payments at insurance agencies, car dealerships, and jewelry stores.

Is there any limitation for mobile phone purchases?

The İhtiyaç Card cannot be used for mobile phone purchases over 12,000 TRY.