2B Land Financing

2b ingilizce

Thanks to Kuveyt Türk's 2B Land Financing, you can easily acquire the land that has lost its forest status and to which you are entitled with attractive repayment terms.


About 2B Land Financing

If you are the rightful owner of a land classified as 2B under Law No. 6292, you can purchase the land with financing support.

Details on 2B Land Financing

The details of 2B Land Financing are as follows:

  • For lands up to 400 square meters, you may benefit from a 60% cash purchase discount on the fair value. For over 400 square meters, the advance purchase discount is 44%.
  • You may use financing up to 100% of the land value.
  • You may easily repay the financing with term options of up to 60 months.

Channels to Apply for 2B Land Financing

You can easily apply for 2B Land Financing by going to the nearest Kuveyt Türk branch if you have a certificate of entitlement. If you are not a Kuveyt Türk customer, you may visit our Become a Kuveyt Türk Customer page and check out the steps to become a customer.

If you have a certificate of entitlement, do not postpone the opportunity to benefit from the financing support. Apply for 2B Land Financing now!