Card-free Payment and E-Commerce Solutions


Get Free POS now for your enterprise, and take advantage of Virtual POS without paying any fee!

Free POS

Get Free POS now for your enterprise, and take advantage of Virtual POS without paying any fee!

This is the POS system that is used in the realization of e-commerce site purchases. This system, also called VPOS (Virtual POS), allows you to shop online using a credit card. It is also called Virtual POS.

Free POS (Virtual POS) is a form of POS devices and systems used for ordinary shopping, allowing you to shop through websites. Free POS (Virtual POS) allows you to pay by credit card when shopping on the internet. With Free POS (Virtual POS), an online payment system, is established between the customer, the workplace / seller and the supplier.

The main features of Free POS (Virtual POS) are as follows:

  • It enables payment with a card on the e-commerce system, in virtual stores and via the internet.
  • It supports Free POS (Virtual POS) instalment option. You can pay instalments with your Kuveyt Türk Sale Plus card after the instalments are determined.
  • Your customers can pay by all domestic and international credit cards.
  • You can perform all processes such as reporting, manual POS, sales and returns.
  • You can apply for Virtual POS at Kuveyt Türk branches.
  • It is a completely free product.

How to Use Free POS (Virtual POS)

Your customer who makes a purchase through your e-commerce website enters their credit card information on the payment screen. This information is sent to the relevant bank and the amount is released. The amount of the provisioned transactions is deducted from the credit card limit of the relevant customer and transferred to your bank account.

Free POS (Virtual POS) Application Documents

  • Signatory circular
  • Institution registry document
  • Tax certificate
  • Website address
  • Identity cards and email addresses of the partners

Collection System

Use the Collection System for Your Enterprise, and enjoy Virtual POS convenience at no charge!

Collection System is a Kuveyt Türk Virtual POS type developed for member workplaces that collects fees at regular intervals or collects regular payments from customers. Collection System provides collection facilities at specified intervals and collectively at specified dates.

It is enough to select the working period by creating a one-time collection file. The system automatically collects regularly in specified periods. This method is very easy and safe to use.

The main features of the Collection System are as follows:

  • It is a POS solution that collects periodically from credit cards and debit cards.
  • The system works with the Mail Order principle. The information received from the customer is entered into the system by the member workplace. Thus the collection process is performed.
  • You can set up payment / collection periods on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Since this product does not require a website infrastructure, all you need is an internet connection at member workplace.
  • It is a completely free product.
  • You can perform all processes such as reporting, manual POS, sales and returns.
  • It is useful for private schools and tuition schools, site management, associations and foundations, newspapers and magazines and companies which accept  subscription or regular payments from the internet.

Mail Order

Mail Order allows credit card holders to pay for goods and services remotely, without having to be present in the workplace. With Mail Order, you can enter the necessary information for the products you buy from catalogs, television or the internet and pay through provisioning via POS, fax and telephone.

  • Kuveyt Türk activates your Mail Order product as a transaction authority on your Kuveyt Türk POS instead of entering it as a separate POS device.
  • You can receive payments from your customers at different locations in Türkiye without having them in your store.