Virtual POS


Offer your online customers a practical and secure shopping experience through Kuveyt Türk Virtual POS.

Offer your online customers a practical and secure shopping experience through Kuveyt Türk Virtual POS.

About Virtual POS

Virtual POS (VPOS) is a credit card terminal system that allows your customers to make payments on your e-commerce website. The system does not require the use of physical devices.

How Does Virtual POS Work?

Virtual POS operates on a rather straightforward system:

  1. Your shoppers enter their credit card information on the payment screen.
  2. When the customer confirms the payment, their credit card information reaches the bank where the transaction is authorized.
  3. The authorized transaction amount is deducted from the customer's credit card limit and transferred to your bank account.

Types of Virtual POS

Free POS

Free POS allows you to benefit from the convenience of Virtual POS at no cost!

Free POS Features

  • It provides the convenience of paying by card on e-commerce sites and virtual stores.
  • Free POS supports installment. After adjusting the necessary settings, you can make installments with Kuveyt Türk credit cards.
  • Your customers can spend with all national and international credit cards.
  • You can perform all actions, such as reporting, manual POS, sales, and returns.
  • Free POS is completely free of charge.
  • The 3D Secure feature allows for secure payments. Click here for more information on 3D Secure.

Documents for Free POS Application

The documents you need to submit when applying for Free POS are:

  • Signature circular
  • Institutional registration certificate
  • Tax plate
  • Web address
  • IDs and email addresses of partners

Requirements for Free POS

A merchant's website should feature the following to be eligible for Free POS:

  • Confidentiality agreement,
  • Distance sales agreement,
  • Return and refund agreement,
  • Contact details,
  • SSL certificate (SSL is an encryption protocol that secures communication between the e-commerce site and the user. The SSL certificate prevents malicious actors from accessing or changing the information submitted to the site),
  • An active payment page,
  • Price information for products sold on the website.

Channels to Apply for Virtual POS

You can apply for Virtual POS via Kuveyt Türk Mobile in only minutes:

  1. Log in to Kuveyt Turk Mobile,
  2. Click on POS -> POS Application -> Virtual POS options,
  3. Select the account type, activity sector, and working condition on the new page.

You can also apply from the nearest Kuveyt Türk branch to provide your customers with secure payment opportunities offered by Virtual POS.

Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual POS

How to integrate Free POS?

You can integrate Free POS through your software developers. Besides, the Kuveyt Türk Virtual POS Support Team ( is always on hand to assist you with any errors that arise during the process.

Can I use more than one Virtual POS from the same account number?

You can define more than one Virtual POS from the same account number, provided they are with different store numbers.

When is the end-of-day in Virtual POS?

The end-of-day is automatically collected by the system at midnight.

How can I cancel/refund in Virtual POS?

You can easily cancel and refund transactions through the Virtual POS panel.

Can transactions be made with dollars or euros from Virtual POS?

You can get support from Kuveyt Türk branches to enable foreign currency POS authorization for USD and Euro.

Can transactions be made with foreign cards?

You can only make transactions with credit cards that carry VISA, MasterCard, or Troy logos.

How can I change POS working conditions?

You can visit our branches to change the POS working conditions.

Can installments be made on Virtual POS?

You can make installment transactions via Virtual POS. For this, you need to enable installments on the POS.

Is there a blockage day requirement for installment transactions at Virtual POS?

There is no blockage day requirement for installment transactions.

What is Installment/Contribution POS?

Contribution POS works on commission or blockage method. The cardholder does not pay any maturity difference; the cost of the installment transaction is charged to the merchant.

Why is installment POS needed?

Companies may collect their sales to their sub-dealers on their due dates and sell products to their individual customers on credit. Besides, thanks to the installment POS, campaign sales can be made, and the collection risk in products such as checks, and promissory notes is eliminated.