Stationary POS


A stationary POS that works on ADSL allows you to make transactions without paying extra fees.

A stationary POS that works on ADSL allows you to make transactions without paying extra fees.

What Is a Stationary POS?

A stationary POS is a practical payment collection tool that quickly accepts payments from your customers' cards. The product is especially useful for companies not obliged to use cash register POS (not subject to the provisions of Law No. 3100 and related legislation).

Stationary POS Features

Kuveyt Türk's Stationary POS boasts helpful features:

  • Stationary POS does not incur extra communication fees regardless of the number of transactions. Thus, you can enjoy a cost advantage besides the convenience of fast transactions.
  • The product is especially ideal for businesses with a high number of transactions.
  • Thanks to its backup operation feature, you can provide uninterrupted service to your customers.
  • You can experience the possibility of faster remote uploading first-hand.
  • You can use both your stationary POS device and your computer at the same time on the ADSL line.

Stationary POS Fee

  • POS installment and single payment commission rates are reflected to the merchant. Your customers do not have to pay maturity difference.
  • A fee of TRY 99 (excluding BITT) is charged for the stationary POS product.
  • If you are a legal credit card user and spend TRY 10,000 or more monthly, the next fee will be charged at a discount. If you make card expenditures, the fee will be deducted to TRY 59 (excluding BITT).

How Can I Apply for Stationary POS?

You can apply for stationary POS within minutes via Kuveyt Türk Mobile:

  1. Log in to Kuveyt Turk Mobile.
  2. Select POS -> POS Application -> Physical POS -> Stationary POS from the menu.
  3. On the new page, select your account type, sector of activity, and working conditions.

It's that simple! You can immediately apply for a Stationary POS and enjoy the comfort of a low-cost and fast collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Stationary POS have a Mail Order feature?

Yes, the Mail Order feature can be activated in Kuveyt Türk Stationary POS. Thanks to our Mail Order solution, you can allow your credit card customers to purchase goods and services remotely.

Mail Order provides necessary information for products purchased from catalogs, television, or the internet and allows payments via POS, fax, or telephone.

What is POS with Installments/Contribution?

Installment POS is not a separate product but a feature that enables installment transactions to our bank cards through contribution POS.

Contribution POS works with a commission or blocking method. The cardholder does not pay the maturity difference; the merchant is responsible for the cost of the installment transaction.

Do I need to buy a new POS for an installment POS?

You do not need to buy a new device for installment POS. You can implement this feature to your existing POS device by adding a new menu. You can make installments to Kuveyt Türk credit cards through the new menu (Installment Sales).

Why does the customer need an installment POS?

Companies can collect their sales from their sub-dealers and customers in installments. With this feature, you can also make campaign sales and eliminate the collection risk in products such as cheques and promissory notes.

I use a physical POS; can I make installment sales with Mail Order?

Yes, you can. For this, you need to use the installment sales menu on the POS. If the "Insert Card" warning shows in the menu, you can make installment transactions by entering the card number.

However, the Direct Mail Order menu supports only single payments and does not allow installment sales.

Which menus are used to make transactions with Stationary POS?

Sales is the menu that supports encrypted/contactless card transactions with Stationary POS.

Installment Sales is the menu for encrypted, contactless, or Mail Order transactions. Mail/Telephone Order (MO/TO) transactions can be made from this menu as a single payment by entering the card number.

Can I set the end-of-day?

You can get support for automatic end-of-day requests by calling (0262) 723 49 49 for the POS Support Centre or visiting the nearest Kuveyt Türk branch.

How can I change POS working conditions?

You can visit the nearest Kuveyt Türk branch to change the POS working conditions.