Kuveyt Türk's CebimPOS system facilitates credit card payments by turning your mobile phone into a contactless credit card terminal.

About CebimPOS?

CebimPOS is a Kuveyt Türk product for workplaces that are not subject to the provisions of Law No. 3100 and related legislation. This cash proceeds solution allows you to receive payments using a smartphone as a credit card terminal.

With our renewed CebimPOS product, you can turn your employees' smartphones into efficient credit card terminals. As you prefer, your employees can use CebimPOS without seeing the company accounts.

How to Use CebimPOS?

The CebimPOS service has a straightforward mobile application that facilitates your mobile payment processes:

  1. Download the Kuveyt Türk CebimPOS application via Play Store, App Store, or Huawei App Gallery.
  2. Log in to the application with your Kuveyt Türk Mobile password.
  3. Select your preference to use the Sales-Stock Management feature in the taxpayer setting that pops up when you enter the application.
  4. In order to make installments to other bank credit cards, click on Payment Receiving Preferences -> Installments to Other Bank Cards -> Apply respectively from the "More" menu. You can follow your application process via the same menu. You can add a user to CebimPOS via the "Add User" step under the "More" menu.
  5. In order to send a payment link to your customers, click on the "Receive Remote Payment" option in the "Receive Payment" menu.

To proceed without using the Sales-Stock Management feature:

  1. Enter the amount and card information on the "Receive Payment" screen.
  2. Once you proceed, the "3D Secure and GO - Secure Payment" screen appears.
  3. On this screen, enter the OTP (One Time Password) received on the mobile phone of the person who will make the payment.

To continue using the Sales-Stock Management feature:

  1. Add category and product from the "More" menu.
  2. Add the desired products to the basket by entering the "Make a Sale" menu.
  3. You can optionally apply a basket or product-based discount from the "Receive Payment" menu.
  4. After clicking the "Continue" button, select the payment channel.

Details CebimPOS

Kuveyt Türk's CebimPOS boasts utile features to allow convenient sales transactions:

  1. All sole proprietors and legal entities can use Kuveyt Türk CebimPOS.
  2. The service uses Virtual POS infrastructure.
  3. Credit card transactions use the 3D Secure system that enables more secure transactions.
  4. You can accept payments through Troy, Mastercard, and Visa cards issued by any bank or payment institution in Turkey. Credit cards from all banks allow for installment transactions.
  5. Thanks to the Sales-Stock Management feature, you can add products in categorizations.
  6. Thanks to the "Foreign Currency POS" feature of Kuveyt Türk CebimPOS, member merchants with high foreign turnover and serving mostly foreign customers can realize sales transactions in Dollars and Euros. The turnover realized with Foreign Currency POS is credited to your account at the exchange rate (Dollar and Euro) at which the transaction was made.
  7. Thanks to the "Partial Payment" feature of Kuveyt Türk CebimPOS, our member merchants can offer more than one payment channel to their customers and realize their sales transactions both by credit card and cash in a partial way.
  8. You can perform remote sales thanks to the Receiving Payment via Link feature.

CebimPOS Service Fee

CebimPOS does not have a service fee. Customers can enjoy the service without paying monthly fees, non-productivity charges, or installation costs.

Channels to Apply CebimPOS

You can become a CebimPOS user through a straightforward application process:

  1. Log in to Kuveyt Türk Mobile.
  2. Make an application from the Applications or POS menu.
  3. An application screen will pop up.
  4. Select the account type, sector of activity, and working condition.
  5. After the evaluations, you will receive your application results via e-mail.

Complete your application now to offer customers faster and more secure payment options with CebimPOS!

Frequently Asked Questions About CebimPOS

What are CebimPOS working conditions?

You can contact the nearest Kuveyt Türk branch for information about commission rates and blocking periods.

Is there an installment system for the CebimPOS product?

Although there is no installment option for CebimPOS in the Kuveyt Türk Mobile, the product's own mobile application allows you to sell in installments to credit cards of Kuveyt Türk and other domestic banks.


  • The CebimPOS application supports the Tarım POS service,
  • You can contact your branch to define installments for Kuveyt Türk credit cards,
  • For credit cards from other domestic banks, visit the CebimPOS app, go to the "More" menu, submit the relevant documents to the "Payment Receiving Preferences" section, and complete your application.

Does CebimPOS have a multi-user feature?

Yes, CebimPOS has a multi-user feature. Users who are not customers can add other users to CebimPOS in Kuveyt Türk mobile through branches.

Can foreign cards be collected with CebimPOS?

Yes, CebimPOS accepts payments from foreign credit cards. However, it charges the amount in Turkish lira. Therefore, it cannot receive transactions in different currencies, such as dollars and Euros.

Is the End of the Day automatic?

The End of Day is automatic and closes between 11:30 p.m. and 11.59 p.m.

Is the NFC feature available on all devices?

CebimPOS has an NFC feature that works with compatible versions of Android phones. Customers can place their contactless cards on the back of their mobile phones to fill in the necessary information and make the payment.

When will a transaction made from CebimPOS be transferred to my account?

The transaction may be transferred to your account at various times depending on your preferences:

  • When you choose the Next Day option, the sales made through the credit card terminal will be transferred to your account the next day with a commission deduction.
  • If you choose the Blocked Transaction, the sales you have made through the terminal will be transferred to the account without any deductions after the specified blocking day.
  • In Blocked and Commission transactions, the sales made through the terminal will be transferred to your account after a certain number of blocked days and with a lower deduction.

Which communication channel can I use for technical support?

Customers who are CebimPOS users can contact us at for technical support.