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Dial Up POS

If you are looking for a practical POS solution for your enterprise, smart and user-friendly Dial Up POS comes to the rescue!

Dial Up POS, which is a desktop POS device that operates electrically via a landline, enables sales by transferring the information of the purchases you have made with credit cards and debit cards electronically via a telephone line.

Here are the main features of Dial-Up POS device.

  • It works electrically via a landline.
  • It is a special transaction terminal that can exchange information between the member workplace and the bank by reading the information on the card (chip or magnetic strip) in the electronic environment.
  • It is user-friendly and low cost as it is designed for enterprises that do not have a high number of transactions and require a practical POS solution.


ADSL POS works with an ADSL line (internet), so you don’t pay an extra fee regardless of how many transactions you make!

ADSL POS, which works with an internet connection, enables you to perform your transactions quickly and seamlessly. Since there is no cost other than the amount paid for the ADSL line, it is more convenient for workplaces with more transactions.

Here are the main features of ADSL POS:

  • With ADSL POS, you do not pay an extra communication fee regardless of how many transactions you make. This gives you a cost advantage and faster processing.
  • Its back-up working capability provides uninterrupted service.
  • It has the possibility of faster remote installation.
  • It allows you to use your ADSL POS device and your computer at the same time via your ADSL line.
  • To be able to use an Ethernet POS terminal in member workplaces, you need an internet connection and associated equipment.

Mobil POS

With Mobile POS, which uses GPRS technology, you can reduce your costs while providing fast and mobile transaction convenience to your customers!

Mobile (GPRS) POS works with a GSM network phone line. It is a product for enterprises that do not have the obligation to use cash register POS and are not subject to the provisions of Law No. 3100 and related legislation.

Since it is developed for companies in the sector with a heavy volume of sales, the fact that it uses wireless technology and has an independent device feature means it can be very convenient for mobile Kuveyt Türk member workplaces.

Here are the main features of Mobile POS:

  • It allows you to perform your transactions anywhere where there is a cell phone operator.
  • It communicates with the bank via GSM line.
  • With the portable POS device feature, you can serve customers outside the company.
  • It offers the advantage of fast mobile processing.
  • It brings cost advantages to your enterprise.
  • You can continue to makes sales during power outages.
  • Provisioning time is shorter than fixed POS products.
  • The monthly GSM bill is paid by the workplace.

Contactless POS

With contactless POS, you can make your transactions of up to 500 TRY contactless and practical!

With contactless POS, you can make your transactions of up to 500 TRY contactless and practical!

If you are using Dial-up POS or ADSL POS with telephone connection at your workplace, you can apply to your Kuveyt Türk branch for a Kuveyt Türk Contactless POS.

Here are the main features of Contactless POS:

  • There is no need to pay an additional fee to have a contactless POS.
  • You will receive easier, faster and more secure payments.
  • There is no need for a password for transactions up to 500 TRY. For transactions over 250 TRY, you can process the contactless payment by entering a password in your POS device.
  • Your customers won’t have to wait because it will reduce the queue.
  • It also reduces coin transactions
  • and will alleviate the workload of your staff.

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