As per No. 6698 Law of Personal Data Protection (“PDPL”), your personal information/data will be saved, stored, updated as specified in PDPL, will be able to be disclosed to third persons as per the regulation, able to be classified and able to be processed in ways specified in PDPL. The details and your rights are provided below for information purposes.

1. Regarding the debts you owe to the bank due to a loan, since any data may forward to our Bank that you own through the mobile application, WhatsApp, and following sending a message to you by the Bank and any subsequent conversation will be considered as your “personal data,” it will be processed by our Bank as the Data Controller in order to regulate any commercial and legal relationship between you and the Bank (any transaction that may be realized for collecting the Bank’s receivables). As per PDPL Article 5/2; the legal basis for processing your personal data; c) provided that it is established by contracting an agreement and directly related to its performance, it is required to process the personal data of the agreement parties, d) made available to the public by the related person, e) obligated to process the data to establish, utilize or protect a right, f) provided not to harm the basic rights and liberties of the related person, processing the data for the legitimate interests of the Data Controller.

2. Your processed personal data will be shared with abroad due to you sharing your related data through WhatsApp application. (The headquarters, data storage areas of WhatsApp application are abroad.)

3. Your personal data will be able to be collected through any communication through WhatsApp and any other communication related to the mentioned communication through WhatsApp.

4. You have the rights to: By contacting our Bank; learn whether your personal data are processed, if processed, request information regarding this processing, learn the purpose of processing personal data and learn whether these data are utilized fit for purpose, learn about the third parties that received your data both in Türkiye and abroad, in an event where your data is processed missing or incorrectly, as per Article 7 of No. 6698 Law of Personal Data Protection, request your personal data to be deleted or destroyed, in an event where your personal data is deleted or destroyed, request the third parties whom received your personal data to be notified, object to any unfavorable outcome resulting from analyzing the mentioned data exclusively by automated systems, and demand compensation for any damage suffered due to processing your personal data against the Law. As you exercise your rights, in an event that an extra cost is incurred, a fee will be collected as per the related regulation. As per  law no 6698 Article 11, you can exercise your rights via the communication channels below;

Call Center                  : 444 0 123 / 0850 251 0 123

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