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Believing that quality employees and a quality working environment come from having a quality social life, Kuveyt Türk designs the working environment in this direction. In order to support the team spirit, to develop a happy working environment and to increase the employee motivation, many activities are organized at Kuveyt Türk.

Club Activities

At Kuveyt Türk many club activities are carried out in order to ensure employees can enjoy themselves and to support their development in line with their interests. These activities ensure that communication and cooperation between employees coming together from different departments or branches are strengthened.

Celebrations of Special Days

Kuveyt Türk is a big family. The members of this family celebrate their most special days together, as well.

  • Employees come together every Eid and wish each other well.
  • The children of the Kuveyt Türk family have fun together at the annual Children’s Festival and exhibit their works in the Painting Contest.
  • Every Mother’s Day mothers working at Kuveyt Türk are greeted with surprise gifts awaiting them on their desks every Mother’s Day.
  • Kuveyt Türk employees are presented with gifts when they cross a milestone.

Department/Branch Activities

Each department/branch organizes a picnic or breakfast event with its staff at least once a year.

Life Base/h2>

With its modern and comfortably designed Banking and Life Base, Kuveyt Türk strengthens its people-focused approach. In the Banking and Life Base, making the working environment pleasant and encouraging socialization during working hours, there are offices, a data center, call center, conference hall, library, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, a guest house, cafeteria and restaurants, as well as a variety of social services such as a dry cleaner’s, grocer’s, shoeshine parlor, tailor’s and Doğan store.

What kind of a social life awaits you at Kuveyt Türk?