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Kuveyt Türk employees will be part of a planned organization from the first day they start work. The bank places each employee in the right position directed at their capabilities and objectives. In this respect, the personal development of Kuveyt Türk’s employees is as essential as its strategic goals.

Career Representation

Career representatives at Kuveyt Türk coach employees in their career areas. This helps employees to shape their careers in areas where their careers fit their competence and they enjoy working.

These representatives also support the professional and social life of employees through the application of “Arkadaşım İK” (My Friend HR) and direct them for personal development.

Overseas Career Opportunities

Kuveyt Türk continues its activities abroad as well as in the domestic market with its strong partnership and financial structure. Kuveyt Türk employees increasingly want to continue their professional lives in the regions where our bank offers financial services abroad. Overseas career opportunities aim at strengthening the international representation of both Kuveyt Türk and its employees.

EC (Executive Candidate) Programs

Kuveyt Türk raises the executives of the future with its EC programs. In line with these programs; Candidates selected among the young professionals who have graduated with outstanding success from Türkiye’s leading universities undergo a long-term educational phase through an intensive Assessment Center process. Qualified executive candidates who are supported by competitive wages and benefit packages are offered training and development programs specially designed for Kuveyt Türk in line with the MBA and personal development plans to ensure their development in the management dimension.

Both those who are currently working in our bank, as well as candidates who have not yet started, may apply for Kuveyt Türk EC programs. Internal and external candidates are evaluated in independent categories.

Internal Executive and Top Level Assignment

Kuveyt Türk considers it an important goal to raise its own managers. Employees who stand out with their performance for the institution are given priority in appointments to executive and top level positions. In this direction, 90 plus Kuveyt Türk employees are appointed to management levels each year.

Personal Development Support

Kuveyt Türk is introducing various practices to support employees’ personal development.

  • Certificate Programs: These are aimed at increasing the development and quality of employees. Certificates are customized according to each position. It is an effective determinant in transitions between positions
  • Specialization Exams: This is another practice targeting employee development. We aim to increase new starters’ corporate governance through the Specialization Exam, the results of which are taken into account when selecting recently recruited Kuveyt Türk employees for senior positions.
  • Foreign Language Programs: These are programs to strengthen the international representation of Kuveyt Türk employees. Language skills open up a wide range of career paths to them and they can also receive language allowances.

Fair and Transparent Career Management

The Career Policy, which is based on the expectations of employees working on market applications and open to the access of every employee, is taken into consideration in career programs implemented at Kuveyt Türk.

The transition of employees who stand out with their high performance to a senior position is assessed under the Career Policy. These assessments also take into account personal development support practices that are specific to each position.

Career opportunities at Kuveyt Türk!

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