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Kuveyt Türk aims to motivate its employees to perform above their targets by setting a wage management system. It determines employees at different performance levels and remunerates them based on performance.

In this context, Kuveyt Türk remuneration structure is a “total remuneration package” of;

  • Salary
  • Performance bonus
  • Foreign language allowance
  • Transportation and food support

Other payments

In addition, to maintain its competitive position in the market, Kuveyt Türk employees are provided with;

  • Private health insurance (including spouses and children)
  • Private pension system with institution contribution
  • Clothing assistance
  • Benefits such as a family support package

Performance Review

Performance evaluations and regular feedback made in a transparent manner based on competencies and measurable targets aim to contribute to the continuous improvement of Kuveyt Türk executives and employees.

Branch employees can receive their performance scorecards on a monthly and annual basis in a more healthy way thanks to the Portfolio Management System.

The bank in general and General Management Departments are evaluated on the Balanced Scorecard Model within the scope of the Corporate Performance Management Project. The tracking and reporting of scorecard developments are made quarterly.

We aim to achieve a stable performance chart with “Performance Stars” awards, which are implemented to support the successful performance of employees.

Flexible and Part-Time Work Models

Considering its employees as its most important value, Kuveyt Türk attaches great importance to the Flexible and Part-Time Work Model offered to all units in the bank as from 2015.

With this model, Kuveyt Türk employees who cannot continue their professional life on a full-time basis due to reasons such as family commitments or health have been given the opportunity to continue their business career by using their competencies and expertise, thus taking another step in favor of employees. Within the scope of the project;

  • Employees can work from home on work days if they wish.
  • Or they can continue their professional life by working at the workplace only on certain days of the week.

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