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Banking Programs

Acting as a school of participation banking, Kuveyt Türk equips its employees on their career journeys with banking training programs more and more every day.

Kuveyt Türk conveys all the technical knowledge and skills required by its employees through its banking programs and is helping newcomers to quickly adapt to the Kuveyt Türk family. Thereby employees adapt to the Kuveyt Türk culture, while ensuring their personal development. In particular, orientation and on-the-job training programs are crucial for Kuveyt Türk employees to adapt to the bank and mission in a shorter time, to best represent Kuveyt Türk and to embrace a culture of ethical banking and service.

Leadership Development Programs

Selecting its leaders from internal sources, Kuveyt Türk continues to train managers for different levels of the company!

Every employee who steps into Kuveyt Türk starts his or her journey to become a leader by rising through the career stages. Kuveyt Türk organizes development activities to peak its internal resources and encourages its employees in this regard.

The Path to Management

After gaining performance, seniority and sector-related experience, candidates for the positions of branch and unit managers at Kuveyt Türk undergo the necessary competence measurements and are taken into career pools. They then continue to proceed with sure steps on the way to branch and department management. In this process, training programs are organized to equip them with both professional and technical skills,as well as managerial competencies. In these camp-based programs, new generation training tools and reverse-face education model are applied. In addition, this program also instills a responsibility for learning in manager candidates. Candidates meet the industry leaders and benefit from their experience.

Responsibilities Private Training

Training and development activities at Kuveyt Türk are spread throughout the year and are conducted under the mentorship of expert trainers and consultants in the field. Kuveyt Türk owes its success in reaching its growth targets to its strategy of nurturing its internal sources. In addition, in the “Management Traniee” program, every year employees receive their own special training program contents prepared taking into consideration their past school experience, talents and/or work experience, as well as their future duties and responsibilities at the bank. These programs are organized focusing on basic technical-vocational and position-based competencies and also with regards to sector-related practices. This learning and development activity instilled in the environment from the first day of employment for employees taken on the MT program continues for one year with the cooperation of Kuveyt Türk in-house coaching.

New Generation Training

Kuveyt Türk brings innovations to its employees by following the trends in training and development activities based on the value of innovation.

“The advantage of using technology” is one of the most important competitive strategies that Kuveyt Türk sets in reaching its 2018 targets. When the bank’s innovative perspective and young staff are taken into consideration, a new generation of training emerges as an inevitable method.

E-education with Rich Content

Since 2006, Kuveyt Türk has been implementing e-training applications via its digital education platform and has been closely following trends in this regard. The Kuveyt Türk Academy, which is open to all employees, is offering a full e-library service by enriching the contents with e-learning, as well as different materials.

Accessible from home, work, mobile and anywhere with internet connection, Kuveyt Türk Academy has access to educational notes, articles, e-training, audio files, video files and book summaries, as well as exclusive content that is produced by the bank itself.

Screen Training Videos

Kuveyt Türk develops and uses its own banking system and screen training videos so that every new screen change can quickly reach branches and related units.
The platform, which has mobile support through its in-house video portals, is also specially designed to deliver an email of every new training video, preventing users from overlooking system tips that will actually make their lives easier. By making use of “green box” technology in the studio located at the institution, different videos are produced completely by the institution itself for many different contexts.

In addition to product introduction, managerial messages and experience-sharing videos, correct and incorrect practices are also transferred via videos to the employees through the short films prepared based on sample cases.

Corporate Culture Building

With the corporate culture it builds, Kuveyt Türk provides a working environment where employees feel safe and happy.

Kuveyt Türk offers the experience of written values, basic service principles and ethical principles, first to the upper management and then to all of its employees. The bridge established with a collaborative approach between Kuveyt Türk management and its employees ensures that values are always kept alive.

Thus, there is a warm working environment at Kuveyt Türk where there is a true friendship and employees feel safe and at peace.

Evaluation and Development Center

Kuveyt Türk evaluates the employees’ self-development on an objective basis and offers appropriate career opportunities for them.

The Evaluation and Development Center is one of Kuveyt Türk’s areas of work that adds value to the professionalism of the community. Especially in the transition to sales positions, employees are first measured regarding how effective they are in their sales competencies based on samples. Competency based development reports are then prepared for employees and feedback is given in the light of these reports. At the same time, every year when the performance year comes to an end, employees who ensure certain seniority in the sales staff and who show stability in business performance participate in the Career Evaluation and Development Center practices. Depending on their development areas, both in-class and online development programs are designed and they are subject to an intensive program during certain periods of the year. Employees who successfully complete the program will be appointed as managers for the appropriate new branches.


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