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Responsibilities of Kuveyt Türk

  • Two-Phase Login Screen: In order to reach the Internet Banking, the customer number and password are entered first, and the next screen requires a Mobile Acceptance or entering one-time SMS, customers using mobile signatures are required to log in with that on the password screen.  
  • Virtual keyboard: It provides security by preventing the stealing of your passwords against the risk that the programs like Key Logger are installed on the computers in general usage open and internet cafes.  
  • Mobile Signature Mobile signature is a service that authenticates the identity equivalent to the wet signature in the electronic environment according to the Electronic Signature Law No. 5070. You can get this service using Turkcell GSM SIM card. You can use Mobile Signature partially or completely in Kuveyt Turk Internet Branch. Only the Mobile Signature is used instead of the password in the usage of the Mobile Signature and the secret word is not used in the operations requiring approval. In both password and Mobile Signature usage, login is done by selecting one of the password or Mobile Signature options in the Internet Branch entry. In the money transfer confirmation process, while the user who is entering the password is asked the secret word, the operation of the user who enters with the Mobile Signature is confirmed by the Mobile Signature.
  • Transaction Limits You can lower your Internet transaction limits from the Internet Branch. But to raise the limit you can contact Call Center at 444 0 123/0850 251 0 123 or you can contact us.  
  • IP Restriction / Country IP Restriction Internet Branch or Call Center at 444 0 123/0850 251 0 123 IP limit by doing the internet you can set the IP range you can provide from the range. Settings via internet branch to add and remove restrictions? From Restrictions menu you can increase your internet branch security by coming to IP Restriction.
  • Account Restriction You can only allow to follow up for your accounts in the Internet Branch and close any monetary transactions. To remove the restriction, you can contact Call Center at 444 0 123/0850 251 0 123 or your branch.
  • Defined Recipient Limitation In the Internet Branch money transfer transactions, you can only transfer money to existing defined receivers.  To remove the restriction, you can contact Call Center at 444 0 123/0850 251 0 123 or your branch.
  • Time Control You can turn off the operations in the Internet Branch except for specified time interval defined by entering the transaction authority at the time interval that you specify at the Internet Branch. To remove the restriction, you can contact Call Center at 444 0 123/0850 251 0 123 or your branch.    

Our Customers' Responsibilities

  • To use the Internet Branch, please login to your browser and login.
  • Please note the e-mail addresses claiming to be from the Kuveyt Turk Participation Bank. Kuveyt Türk only sends e-mails for information purposes. He does not want any information from you. In such a case, call Call Center at 444 0 123/0850 251 0 123.
  • When choosing a valid and secure Password, please keep the following items in mind:
    • Password must be 6-digit long and all numbers.
    • It should not consist of consecutive or repetitive numbers.
    • Do not use your personal information or mobile phone number as Password .
    • Your new password must be different from your previous 3 passwords.
    • Do not store your branch information in your wallet and on your computer in a way that is easily accessible and can be passed on by someone else, or you should not make a special note.
  • Protect your mobile phone against viruses and similar threats. Note that anti virus programs are installed on your computer and are up to date.
  • Installing personal firewall software on your computer is an important factor in your security.
  • Do not log in to Internet Banking from the Internet, foreign or unreliable computer.
  • Increase your security by keeping your Web browsers up to date.
  • Check your Internet Banking security settings to create a structure that suits you.