You can see the responsibilities of our customers and bank regarding Kuveyt Türk Mobile and Internet Branch.

Responsibilities of Kuveyt Türk

Three-Step Entry Screen

  • In order to access Kuveyt Türk's banking services, you must pass a three-step security system.
  • In the first step, you must enter your customer and phone number, security code (verification image or Captcha), and a single password. If you do not have a password or do not remember it, you can create a new one using the Instant Password button.
  • In the second step, you will verify the security picture. If there is a discrepancy in the information, you should contact Kuveyt Türk Customer Contact Center at 444 0 123.
  • Finally, in the last step, you must enter the verification code you received on your mobile phone in the relevant field to complete Mobile Approval and benefit from our services.

Virtual Keyboard

  • In public places such as internet cafes, programs called "Keylogger" that record keyboard movements may be installed on computers through the public network. Virtual
  • Keyboard ensures your security by preventing your password from being stolen through such programs.

Transaction Limits

  • You can downgrade your internet transaction limits from Kuveyt Türk Internet Branch. To adjust your limits, you need to contact your branch.
  • Your Kuveyt Türk Mobile transaction limits are defined to be the same as the standard Internet Branch limits for your first use. You can give instructions via the Internet Branch or Kuveyt Türk Customer Communication Center to lower your transaction limit specifically for Kuveyt Türk Mobile. Limit increase transactions are also made through your branch.
  • Also, your transaction limits for external applications are defined to be the same as your Kuveyt Türk Mobile limits. You can contact Kuveyt Türk Customer Contact Center (444 0 123 - 0850 251 0 123) to decrease or increase your transaction limit for external applications.

IP Restriction/Country IP Restriction

  • You can set an IP restriction via Kuveyt Türk Internet Branch or Customer Contact Center (444 0 123) to ensure you can only access your Internet Branch from the IP range you specify.
  • You can enhance your Internet Banking security by clicking Settings -> Restrictions -> IP Restriction in Kuveyt Türk Internet Branch to enable the restriction.

Account Restriction

  • You can close accounts in Kuveyt Türk Internet Branch to monetary transactions by authorizing "Monitoring Only."
  • Contact Kuveyt Türk Customer Contact Center (444 0 123) or your branch to lift the restriction.

Defined Recipient Limitation

  • You can restrict money transfers via Kuveyt Türk Internet Branch only to your currently defined recipients.
  • You can contact Kuveyt Türk Customer Contact Center (444 0 123) or your branch to disable the restriction.

Time Control

  • You can set the time interval during which transactions can be made in Kuveyt Türk Internet Branch. Thanks to the Time Control feature, transactions cannot be made on Kuveyt Türk Mobile outside the time zone you set.
  • In order to lift the restriction, you can contact Kuveyt Türk Customer Contact Center (444 0 123) or your branch.

Secure Signing

  • VeriSign SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certification methods are used in Kuveyt Türk Mobile Branch. The application is also signed with VeriSign.
  • Kuveyt Türk communicates with external applications using VeriSign SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification methods.

Responsibilities of Our Customers

  • The one-time passwords and card details you receive on your phone are personal to you. Do not share this information with anyone.
  • In order to use Kuveyt Türk Internet Branch, type in your browser and log in.
  • Beware of fraudulent activities. Do not share information with people who call you and introduce themselves as government officials, police, judges, or lawyers.
  • Beware of e-mails purporting to be associated with Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank. Our bank sends you e-mails only to inform you and never to request information from you. If you receive an e-mail that requests any financial or personal information, contact Kuveyt Türk Customer Contact Center (444 0 123) immediately.
  • Be cautious about social media campaigns, sweepstakes, etc., that pretend to be published by our bank. You can find information about our current campaigns here. 
  • Our official social media accounts are as follows:
    • Facebook:
    • Instagram:
    • X (formerly Twitter):
    • Kuveyt Türk Support on X (formerly Twitter):
    • TikTok:
    • YouTube:
  • Do not use applications not listed on "External Applications Using Kuveyt Türk APIs" published on the Kuveyt Türk API Market website.
  • We recommend that you create a password and key lock to prevent anyone else from using your cell phone.
  • Protect your computer against viruses and similar software by installing up-to-date antivirus software.
  • Protect your cell phone against viruses and malware. Install an up-to-date antivirus application. Do not download applications from platforms other than official application markets (AppStore, Google Play Store).
  • Install a firewall software on your computer.
  • Keeping your web browser updated may enhance your security.
  • Do not log in to Kuveyt Türk Internet Branch from internet cafes and foreign or untrusted computers.
  • For security, Kuveyt Türk Mobile terminates your session if you do not perform any active transaction within 500 seconds. Never leave your phone where others can access it while the application is open.
  • In external applications, transactions can be made for 24 hours unless logged out. After 24 hours, you must log in as a customer again to make transactions. Do not leave your phone in places accessible to others while the application is open.
  • Check your Internet Banking security settings and configure a suitable setup for you.
  • Only answer calls from 444 0 123 to confirm your Internet Banking transactions.