Device Security


You can find everything about mobile device use and security tips below.

How to Ensure Device Security

Firewall Software

  • A firewall protects your computer from cyberattacks and unwanted network traffic, as well as blocks malware from infiltrating your device or network when connected to the Internet.
  • A firewall provides two-way protection. It allows devices on your network to connect to the Internet while simultaneously preventing unauthorized access to your network. In other words, it effectively acts as a digital barrier.
  • Most routers are available with the network firewall enabled. So, you may want to check whether your home or office router has this feature. If your router has this feature disabled, you can easily activate it via the settings menu. On the other hand, if the router does not have a firewall, you can install a good home firewall manually to prevent cyber risks.

Operating System and Updates

  • The operating system is a set of system software that manages all hardware units and applications, making it easier to use your computer. For device security, you must ensure that the operating system and applications, whether for personal or business use, are up to date.
  • The operating system can be deleted and reinstalled after the computer is set up and can be replaced with another version or type at any time. The software platform administers the hardware resources on your computer and provides services for various applications.
  • Updates to the operating system fix vulnerabilities in the current version and applications installed on your computer, allowing the security level of your system to increase.
  • Using a licensed operating system and installing only reliable updates might help you reduce the risk of cyber attacks. You can automate updates through the "Setting" screen.

Antivirus Software

  • Having antivirus software installed on your computer or mobile device is essential for a secure internet connection. Of course, when selecting the right antivirus software, you should consider reliability and license criteria. Otherwise, you may accidentally install malware disguised as antivirus on your device. You can determine the ideal antivirus software by checking the test results on reliable sources - such as "av-comparatives" or "av-test."
  • Antivirus (AV) periodically updates the malware list - or signature database. The software should scan devices on a weekly or more frequent basis. AV programs play a significant role in preventing spyware found on the Internet or in unlicensed programs from entering your computer or mobile phone.
  • Those who frequently use the Internet, email, messaging, and other web services must also choose a solution that includes Internet security software or technologies to make their online activities much safer.

Physical Security

  • In order to ensure your protection further, you should securely log out once you complete your transactions on Kuveyt Türk Internet Branch. Otherwise, third parties may access your financial data by infiltrating your device within the system. 
  • You should never share your password with others, and make sure that no one watches when you type your password. Also, you must not leave your personal device unlocked and unsupervised.
  • Other measures you can take to secure your mobile device:
    • Use a strong and sophisticated password or screen lock.
    • Keep the software installed on your device up to date.
    • Do not charge your device at public stations, and do not use charging cables given by untrusted persons.
    • If your device has a "Find My Device" feature, use it.
    • Do not write down your passwords or save them on a shared computer or browser.

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