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Steps to Install and Login Mobile Branch

  1. Customer number and temporary password are entered.
  2. The phone number is verified.
  3. The SMS which came to your phone is entered.  
  4. Create your 6-digit password that can be used for Mobile, Internet Branch & Telephone Banking.
  5. Mobile Branch is entered with the specified password.

The Following Points Should be Noted When Using the Mobile Branch:

  • Be very careful with your activities.
    • Kuveyt Türk sends SMS and E-mail only to inform customers, does not request any information from customers. If you encounter such a situation, you can find out by calling 444 0 123/0850 251 0 123 Call Center.
  • When selecting a valid and secure password, please keep the following items in mind:
    • Password must be 6-digit long and all numbers.
    • It should not consist of consecutive or repetitive numbers.
    • Do not use your personal information or mobile phone number as Password .
    • Your new password must be different from your previous 3 passwords.
    • Do not keep your mobile branch information in one place that is easy to reach and accessible to anyone else. Do not share your private information with others.
  • Do not share your private information with others.
  • Note that antivirus programs are installed and updated on your computer.
  • Do not open content that was sent to you via the addresses you are not sure about.
  • Use the key lock to prevent your phone from being used by someone other than you.
  • Mobile Branch application terminates your session within 500 seconds for your security if no active action is taken. Do not leave your phone where you can access others while the application is open.

Mobile Branch

To download the Mobile Branch