With the Payment with QR Code feature, you can easily make payments on approved e-commerce websites.


  • After logging in to the Mobile Branch, click on the "QR Code Transactions" menu on the Left Menu.
  • Click on the “Make Payment” tab on the upper tab in the QR Code Transactions menu.
  • Select the account you want to use for payment and click on the “Scan QR Code” button.
  • Scan the QR Code on the payment screen on the approved e-commerce websites displayed after shopping with your mobile phone camera.
  • Approve and complete your payment transactions.

Approved E-Commerce Websites:

With the Kuveyt Türk Payment with QR Code service, Kuveyt Türk customers can make fast, easy and secure payments for their shopping on approved websites without sharing any information.

Kuveyt Türk customers can make payments with the QR code without sharing card details on the following e-commerce websites thanks to the Payment with QR Code service provided in association with ComPay*.

ComPay approved e-commerce websites:

  • ETS Tur
  • Gazmatik Kiosks

*ComPay: A payment solution that allows the making off online shopping payments via the online/mobile banking channels of a bank.

**The number of online shopping websites will increase as new contracts are signed.

Points to be Considered:

  • Payment with QR Code service is only available on ComPay approved e-commerce websites.
  • Payment transactions can only be made via TL Current accounts.
  • After a payment is made on an approved e-commerce website, the QR code screen should forward to the order page.