Auxiliary Security Information

Steps of “Forgot the Password”

You can easily carry out your transactions with Kuveyt Türk's mobile branch security measures and additional functions.

Kuveyt Türk Mobile offers you the privilege of secure transactions with Auxiliary Security Information and other additional functions.

What Is Auxiliary Security Information?

Auxiliary Security Information is a function we developed to provide a safer user experience.

Types of Auxiliary Security Information

Secure Signing

You can perform your transactions in a secure environment provided by the VeriSign SSL certificate method in Kuveyt Türk Mobile.

Transaction Limits

  • Your transaction limits in Kuveyt Türk Mobile are set to be the same as the standard limits of the Internet Branch when you first use it.
  • You can reduce your transaction limit at any time via Kuveyt Türk Internet Branch or Customer Contact Center (444 0 123/0850 251 0 123).
  • You can visit our branches to increase your limit.

Time Management

  • You can set the period for Kuveyt Türk Mobile via the Internet Branch.
  • You can benefit from the limit restriction feature for transactions outside the period you have set.
  • You can call Kuveyt Türk Customer Contact Center to lift the limit restriction.

With Kuveyt Türk Mobile, you can benefit from fast and secure transactions!