Since 2013, Kuveyt Türk has been supporting the Support for Hope project conducted by KAÇUV (Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer) in an effort to raise awareness of cancer, one of the most important diseases and to become hope for children treated for cancer.

To fund the project, Kuveyt Türk donates as much as the number of transactions performed using any cards of the bank between the specified dates during April 23 National Sovereignty and Children Festivities Week each year, as part of the project, and supports the “Family Home” built for children suffering cancer. The annual expenses of the Family Home where the children suffering cancer and their family members can stay and enjoy social living facilities during the treatment period and free of charge are secured from the donations collected as part of the Support for Hope project, each year.

As part of the project, Kuveyt Türk donated 485 thousand TL in 2018 and 2 million 114 thousand TL in 5 years with that campaign.