Kuveyt Türk endeavors to protect the social values and convey into next generations also by way of art by supporting the efforts toward permanent artworks.  The bank also collects and preserves the works of important artists of Turkish-Islamic arts. It now exhibits around 250 works including paper cut, miniature, illumination, ebru (marbling), tombak, cufic and calligraphic works at the branch offices and General Management locations.

In addition, it hosts the works of a large number of artists by the periodical exhibitions held at the art gallery of Kuveyt Türk Headquarters.

In partnership with Woman Family and Youth Center (KAGEM) affiliated with Turkish Religious Affairs Foundation, Kuveyt Türk has completed the project where it has furnished 12 rooms in the courtyard of Sinan Pasa Mosque in Besiktas district, Istanbul, which shall be used as art ateliers.

TDV KAGEM-Kuveyt Türk Art Ateliers hosts the works in the fields of abstract painting, calligraphy and music, especially including Turkish-Islamic arts such as Islamic calligraphy, illumination, miniature, tile, ebru and tutors who will become role model for our young people teach the art students.