Aiming to preserve and expand social and basic values through its motto ‘we grow with our values’, Kuveyt Türk continues to support science with its 1010 Discoverers Project in its 30th year. Launched in cooperation with Turkish Red Crescent Society and the Ministry of National Education, this project teaches students coding and robotics throughout Türkiye, so that Kuveyt Türk aims to prepare the new generation for the professions of  the  future by providing them with educational and equipment support. Designed for students age 10 to 14 (as from school year 5), the coding and robotics lessons aim to find at least 1,010 would-be discoverers this year and to ensure them to understand and practice science. The target audience of the 1010 Discoverers Project is secondary school students of public schools, especially of the Regional Boarding Secondary Schools (YIBO).

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