Making an important contribution to the identity of Istanbul, Grand Mecidiye Mosque dating back mid-19th century, i.e. toward the end of Ottoman Era has been re-opened for praying in 2014 after 3-year restoration works with the support of Kuveyt Türk.

The mosque has been renovated maintaining its historical pattern through painstaking and careful restoration works. As part of the restoration works, not only the existing structure has been restored but also the historical and cultural traces of the Grand Mecidiye Mosque and the communities witnessed by the mosque since its construction have been surfaced once again.

Following the completion of the restoration works, the book “Grand Mecidiye Mosque and Ortaköy” edited by Mehmet Baha Tanman has been published in 2014. The book reveals the historical and cultural features of a civilization with information about the Bosphorus and surrounding buildings. It become a remarkable reference book about the Ottoman era architectural works.  Also focusing on the architectural details of Grand Mecidiye Mosque, the book serves an archive for the findings and documents revealed during the restorations works.