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What is SWIFT?

Swift is a platform that provides messaging services for international payments and other financial transactions. The Swift system allows you to make cross-border payments through our extensive correspondent network  

How To Make A Payment Via SWIFT System?

If you are receiver of a payment;

 It is sufficient to send bank information to sender as follows.:

  • Your Account Name                                :
  • Your Account/IBAN Number                  :
  • Our Bank Name                                       :  KUVEYT TURK KATILIM BANKASI A.S.
  • Our Bank Swift Code                               :  KTEFTRISXXX

 *Specifying your 26-digit IBAN number that starts with 'TR' assists you to receive the payment faster and easier.

If you are sender of a payment;

You can make a payment to domestic or international banks via Kuveyt Türk branches, internet banking, mobile branch and digital XTM branches.
What you’ll need to make a payment;
  • Receiver Account Name
  • Receiver Account/IBAN Number
  • Receiver Bank Name
  • Receiver Bank Swift Code

In the transaction you select from the "Swift Transactions Inquiry" in our internet branch or the "My Currency Transfers" screen in our Kuveyt Türk Mobile app:

  • You can send an update request with the "Edit" button for the fields you want to edit.
  • Even if it reaches the recipient, you can request the amount to be refunded to you by clicking the "Request Refund" button.
  • You can view which bank the transferred amount is at that time and the commission charged by the relevant bank with the "Foreign Exchange Transfer Tracking" button.
  • You can use the "Cancel" button to request a cancellation.

SWIFT GPI Is At Kuveyt Turk!

Since September 2019, Kuveyt Türk is a member of the Swift GPI system which ensures full transparency on cost, speed and traceability. Swift GPI enables payments traceable from the very beginning to the end. .

Swift Fees

  • You can make your SWIFT transactions from Kuveyt Turk branches, Kuveyt Turk Online Banking and Mobile App. Please click here for swift fees.

Mobile Branch

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