Easy Adressing

Easy Adressing

Easy Addressing is the new-generation money transfer method.

What is Easy Addressing?

Easy Addressing is the new-generation money transfer method which allows you to link information such as your GSM Number, Identity Number or E-mail with your account information and use it in place of your IBAN number.

Frequently Asked Questions about Easy Addressing

  • Which channels can I use to specify my Easy Addresses?

You can easily determine your Easy Addresses on Kuveyt Turk Mobile and via the Online Branch.

  • Which account types can I link with an Easy Address?

You can link your Turkish Lira and current accounts with your Easy Address.  

  • Under which menu can I specify my Easy Addresses?

After logging into the Kuveyt Turk Mobile app and Online Branch, you can access the "Easy Addresses" menu under "My Accounts" menu.

  • What personal information can I set as my Easy Address?

You can set your GSM number, e-mail address, Identification number, Foreigner Identification Number, Tax Identification Number or your passport number as your Easy Address.

  • How many Easy Addresses can I specify at most?

You can specify a total of 5 Easy Addresses at Kuveyt Türk and all other banks.

  • Can I use the same Easy Address type and Easy Address for another account within the same bank?

An Easy Address can only be linked one IBAN number. Linking it with another IBAN number will delete the previous record.

  • Can I use the same Easy Address type and Easy Address for an account in another bank?

This is called "Easy Address transfer service". Any records made by the client at a bank for an easy address will delete any previous record for the same address at any bank.

  • Can I link the same IBAN number to more than one Easy Address?

Our customers can link the same IBAN number with more than one Easy Address. For instance, you can link both your GSM number and Identification number to the same IBAN number.  

  • Can I set any information I wish as an Easy Address?

No. You can set your ID No/Tax ID No/Foreign ID No/Passport Number registered within Kuveyt Türk Katılım Bank, and your mobile numbers/e-mail addresses which are confirmed in the system.

  • What transactions can be performed under the Easy Addresses Menu?

You can specify, view, update and delete your Easy Addresses. 

  • When will the service for money transfer to Easy Addresses be available?

It will be at your service very soon.