Cheques & Promissory Notes


Cheque and promissory note transactions at Kuveyt Türk are very easy with the privileges offered to you!

Kuveyt Türk offers you the best service and exceptional privileges with your Check and Promissory Note transactions.

What are Checks and Promissory Notes?

A check is a bill of exchange indicating that you have instructed and authorized the bank to transfer a certain amount from your deposit account to another person.

On the other hand, a promissory note is an official paper with your wet signature showing the amount you owe for payment.

How to Apply for a Checkbook and Check Account?

  • You can obtain 10, 20, and 30-sheet checkbooks from our bank, provided you are a Kuveyt Türk member.
  • Under the Check Law No. 5941, you can apply for these four different types of checkbooks:
    • To Order - Merchant Check
    • To Bearer - Merchant Check
    • To Order - Non-Merchant Check
    • To Bearer - Non-Merchant Check

The documents you need to submit to our bank for your request to open a check account to be processed:

  • Declaration that you are not prohibited from checking and Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey information.
  • If you are a real person, you'll need any of the following identification documents:
    • Identity card with photograph
    • Passport or driver's license
    • Passport residence permit for non-Turkish citizens
  • You will also need an address confirmation document if you live abroad or if your declaration does not match with MERSIS records.
  • Legal entities must submit trade registry documents, tax certificates, signature circulars, and identity documents of the authorized persons who will carry out transactions and the shareholders whose shareholding is more than 25%.
  • Registration record if you are a tradesman or craftsman.
  • The branch may also request other documents at their discretion.

How Does the Promissory Note Collection Process Work at Kuveyt Türk?

  • Your receivable notes are recorded and monitored, provided they are delivered to Kuveyt Türk within a reasonable period before maturity.
  • The collection process is initiated for your notes receivable that are due.
  • Your collected receivables are recorded in your current account at Kuveyt Türk.
  • Kuveyt Türk carries out the processes of notifying the debtor of the promissory notes and having the notes protested by a notary public.

What Platform Can I Use for Check and Promissory Note Transactions?

You can perform your check and promissory note transactions through Kuveyt Türk branches. Kuveyt Türk is always with you when you need reliable support to keep track of your checks and promissory notes!