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Earning Miles Easily with Miles & Smiles Kuveyt Türk Business!

With the Miles&Smiles Business credit card to be offered to commercial customers, with the multiple TK mile acquisition structure for the partner and employee structure of commercial companies as well as sole proprietorships, expenditures to be made on behalf of the company will be managed with additional cards and mile points will be earned from expenditures made. Considering the daily needs of our commercial customers in addition to their corporate expenses, it will be at the service of our customers with the highest mileage rates in banking.
From your purchases with your Miles&Smiles Kuveyt Türk Business credit card you earn Miles at rates varying depending on the spending category, Turkish Airlines membership status, Kuveyt Türk segment type.  Click here to find out how many Miles you will earn.

For flight tickets you will buy via Domestic Turkish Airlines sales offices, 444 0 849, and Turkish Airlines mobile application, you will earn 1 mile for spending 2 TL and you can split your purchases up to 6 interest-free installments.
If your Turkish Airlines Special Passenger Program Miles&Smiles membership status is Classic Plus, you will earn 25% more Miles from your purchases, if Elite or Elite Plus you will earn 50% more Miles. Click here to learn the requirements of membership status.

Instalment and Non-Payment Period

There is no member vendor condition for forwarding or adding instalments. You can forward all of your domestic and overseas transactions.
  1. There are three different ways to set up instalments:
    • After paying for your transaction at a member vendor in a single payment, you can later divide it into an instalment number of your choosing.
    • With a pre-determined number of non-payment terms, you can start paying for your transactions at a later date.l
    • You can determine instalments with non-payment terms. You can avoid payment for the related transaction in the first few months, and distribute the amount over the subsequent months.
  2. You can forward your transactions at and above 300 TL.
  3. Instalments cannot be done for jewelry, foreign currency transactions, mobile phone top up transactions, tax payments, insurance transactions, bill payments and subscription transactions using your Miles&Smiles Business Card.
  4. You can define the number of months without payment as up to six months, and the total number of months up to 18 months.
  5. You need to define the forward term-months and the number of instalments which you want to use by contacting us via our Call Center on 444 0 123, the Mobile Branch or the Online Branch before spending.
  6. The transactions made are always single payments, and the instalments are determined the moment the transaction is made, and the total cost is reported via SMS.
  7. Please click here to start your card application at our nearest branch to you, and to get further information for this application.
* Miles&Smiles Business Card cannot be used for either single or instalment payments at liquor and tobacco stores, casinos, games of chance and foreign currency transactions. Miles&Smiles Business Card can only be used for single payments for jewelry expenses, legal and penalty fines, donations, mobile phone top up transactions, insurance payments, taxes and bill payments, as well as cable and other paid TV services.
Take the Road to Business Travels Easily with Miles&Smiles Kuveyt Türk Business!
You can manage the expenses for your employees on behalf of the company with additional cards, earn miles from all expenses made, and buy flight ticket with your accumulated miles.
Moreover, Miles&Smiles Kuveyt Türk Business is not just a boarding pass. With your Miles&Smiles Kuveyt Türk Business card, you can pay your transactions as single installment for your business needs in installments, delay your payments to a later period, make them in the form of a single payment, do not pay in the first months with the option of payment free period and postpone the payment amount to the following months.
Some trips cannot wait, you need to go immediately. You can fly immediately by requesting Advance Miles via Kuveyt Türk mobile branch and buying a plane ticket with your Miles. For detailed information, please click.

Every Moment of Travel is More Meaningful with Miles & Smiles Business!

Miles&Smiles Kuveyt Türk Business credit card holders are eligible for a free one-year Diamond status at Halalbooking Loyalty Club. These status holders are offered special discounts and privileges at many hotels around the world located in To take advantage immediately please click.
We offer a 50% discount lounge service with your one guest at Sabiha Gokcen (Plaza Premium Lounge domestic and international) and MasterCard LoungeKey and Istanbul (IGA international), Ankara (Primeclass Lounge domestic , Comfort Lounge international), Izmir (Primeclass Lounge domestic and international), Bodrum (Primeclass Lounge domestic, Comfort Lounge international), Dalaman (CIP Lounge) and Antalya (CIP Lounge Domestic and International) airports, and in the world at more than 1100 contracted airports within the scope of Mastercard LoungeKey. For the list of contracted LoungeKey member airports please click.
Miles&Smiles Kuveyt Türk Business cardholders benefit from Foreign Travel Insurance for up to 15 days per year for their foreign travel free of charge.
You benefit from Comprehensive Foreign Travel Insurance for up to 15 days a year free of charge, provided that it is 1 time in a calendar year.
*Miles&Smiles Business is not given to Travel Agencies