Tohum Card

Tohum Card

Tohum Card, which offers forward payment for agricultural expenditures and adjusts the cash flow according to the collection period, is always there for the farmer!

Tohum Card provides the advantages of deferred payment in agricultural spending and organizing your cash flow according to the collection period.

About Tohum Card

Tohum Card is a commercial credit card that finances your purchases of diesel, fertilizer, pesticides, agricultural equipment, seeds, and seedlings for your agricultural activities. The card also allows you to postpone payments until the harvest.

Who Can Apply for a Tohum Card?

Our bank offers the Tohum Card and its advantages to all customers operating in the agricultural sector. You can visit the nearest Kuveyt Türk branch for the Tohum Card application.

Tohum Card Advantages

  • As a Kuveyt Türk Tohum Card holder, you can get TARSIM insurance from all our branches and benefit from the advantage of deferring your payments for up to 1 year.
  • You can postpone all transactions you make with your card for up to 1 year without any merchant restriction.
  • You do not pay any maturity difference when you make your purchases from contracted merchants.
  • Thanks to its flexible maturity structure, you can set the statement dates between 2-12 months.
  • Kuveyt Türk Tohum Card does not incur any additional expenses.
  • You can get support from our bank in many areas, such as housing, road, travel assistance, and concierge services whenever you need them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tohum Card

Are there any restrictions on transactions with the Tohum Card?

There are transaction restrictions for the following expenses:

  • Jewellery shop expenses,
  • Financial transactions in car dealerships,
  • Car service and car hire payments,
  • Purchases from markets and liquor stores selling alcoholic beverages,
  • Casino and games of chance operations,
  • Court and fine payments,
  • Foreign exchange, donation, top-up transactions,
  • Tax and insurance payments,
  • Cable and other pay television services.

How can I benefit from the services offered to card users?

You can call 0 216 524 33 89 to benefit from the Assistance Services. For details of the services, please click here.