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Kuveyt Türk offers foreign currency transfer services thanks to its wide network of corresponding banks across the world and the SWIFT system devised for international money transfer transactions.

How to do SWIFT transactions?

  • Enter the account intended to be used for SWIFT.
  • Enter the account from which the transaction fee will be deducted.
  • Enter the first letter of the country of the bank to which the transfer will be made and the first letter of this bank.
  • Enter the first three letters of the city of the bank/branch to which you want to make the transfer.

Or instead of all this information, you can just enter the SWIFT code of the bank to which you will make the money transfer. Bank SWIFT codes consist of 11 digits. If the SWIFT code is less than 11 digits, you can add X at the end to make it 11 digits.

After entering this information, the bank branches conforming to your criteria and defined in the SWIFT system will be lifted. If the bank to which you want to make transfer is not in this list, you need to make your transaction at a branch.

hen does the money reach the receiving account in the SWIFT transaction?

If you enter the SWIFT transaction before 17:00, your transfer will be received in 2 business days; if you do it after 17:00, it will be received in 3 business days by the account in the corresponding bank.

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