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You can safely perform your precious metal purchase and sales at Kuveyt Türk in branch, at ATMs and XTMs, or at Senin Bankan and Online Branch with the best rates and keep your precious metals in forward and checking precious metal accounts under the guarantee of Kuveyt Türk.

*Your transaction will take place within daily total buy / sell order limit. Daily transaction limit is 1.000.000 TL and is based on the total of available orders of that day.

  • Amount upper limits and unit limits work with the same principles. Indicates the upper limit of the current calendar day (between 00.00 - 23.59 hours) within the amount limits. Limits in foreign exchange transactions work on a screen basis. In other words, there is an independent limit of 10.000.000 TL for the foreign exchange buying screen, the foreign exchange selling screen, and the arbitrage screen. For the Internet Branch and Mobile Branch screens, an independent limit of 10,000,000 TL applies. In precious metal transactions, the limit works independently of each other on a screen-based basis in the Internet Branch and Mobile Branch, as in foreign exchange. In addition; In precious metal transactions, an upper limit of 10.000.000 TL applies separately for gold, silver and platinum. (For example, in the Mobile Branch, the customer can buy and sell 10 Million TL in foreign currency and 10 Million TL in Foreign Exchange Sales, and the same customer can also buy and sell gold, silver and platinum in the same amounts in addition to these transactions. In addition to these transactions, the same customer can use the Internet Branch. You can also trade in the same amounts.)
  • In addition to all these, transactions are made with intraday margins in foreign currencies such as dollar, euro and gold for non-working hours, and margins for other currencies are opened according to the day. There is a roof limit of 10.000.000 TL, valid for all transactions made through all channels (including TradePlus and orders) in currencies that use intraday margins outside of working hours. For currencies whose margins are opened according to the day, there is a ceiling limit of 5,000 TL for all transactions made through all channels (including TradePlus and orders).
  • In foreign currencies with normal margins outside of working hours, if the margins are opened, the amount upper and unit limits work like the exchange rates in which the margins are open. In other words, the upper limit of the roof falls from 10.000.000 TL to 5.000 TL.
  • When entering a single order by determining the currency amount, minimum 2.000 TL; A maximum of 1,000,000 TL can be entered.
  • A maximum of 10 active orders can be created in total. The number of orders running or waiting to be executed in the system at the same time can be 10.
  • When the exchange margins of the bank are wider than normal, the order transaction limits for foreign currency or precious metal transactions are limited to a maximum of 5,000 TL for Kuveyt Türk Mobile, Internet Branch, Telephone Banking, Tradeplus and all other channels.
  • All of the limits stated here are under the authority of the bank.



With TradePlus electronic transaction platform you can carry out your transactions with the terms you want and manage exchange rates and product price risks to protect yourself from risks.

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