Foreign Currency Buy and Sell

Foreign Currency Buy and Sell

Kuveyt Türk gives you the privilege of the most secure services in foreign currency buy and sell!

Kuveyt Türk provides advantageous rates and a secure platform for your foreign exchange trading transactions.

Which Platforms Can I Use for Foreign Exchange Trading?

Kuveyt Türk Mobile and Kuveyt Türk Internet Branch Transaction Limits

Transaction Name Personal Daily Personal Monthly Corporate Daily Corporate Monthly
Purchase-Sale Foreign Currency* 10,000,000 TRY 200,000,000 TRY 10,000,000 TRY 200,000,000 TRY
Purchase-Sale Precious Metals* 10,000,000 TRY 200,000,000 TRY 10,000,000 TRY 200,000,000 TRY
Foreign Exchange / Precious Metal Purchase And Sale Instruction** 1,000,000 TRY - 1,000,000 TRY -
  • There is a daily limit of 5 transactions for Foreign Exchange Trading on Kuveyt Türk Mobile or Internet Branch.
  • You can create a trading order through all Kuveyt Türk digital platforms for up to 15 days.
  • Our bank has canceled Foreign Exchange Trading orders longer than 30 days or indefinite that you have made through Kuveyt Türk Mobile/Internet Branch/TradePlus on 17 August 2021.
  • Your Foreign Exchange Trading order is executed within the total daily transaction limit.
  • The daily transaction limit is TRY 1.000.000 and is based on the sum of the valid orders created on the same day.

Other Details on Foreign Exchange Trading

The BITT (Banking and Insurance Transactions Tax) rate applied in Foreign Exchange Trading transactions has been reduced from one percent (1%) to two per thousand (0.2%) as of 30.09.2020. BITT is calculated at this rate for transactions you will perform through all Kuveyt Türk digital channels and branches. Amount upper limits and unit limits work in the same way. The amount upper limit refers to the maximum transaction amount in a calendar day (between 00.00 and 23.59). Upper limits for precious metal transactions are screen-based. In other words, buying, selling, and arbitrage screens each have an independent limit of TRY 10,000,000. In foreign currencies, where margins are widened according to the time of day, the roof limit is TRY 5,000 for transactions made through all channels. In foreign currencies for which normal margins are applied outside of working hours, the roof limit decreases from TRY 10.000.000 to TRY 5.000 once the margins are opened. You can create a single order by specifying the exchange rate amount. The limit range for single orders is between TRY 2,000 and TRY 1,000,000. You can create a maximum of 10 active orders. This limit covers the total number of orders running in the system at the same time and waiting to be executed. When the Bank's exchange rate margins are wider than usual, order limits for FX transactions are limited to TRY 5,000 across all channels. All limits stated herein are at the bank's discretion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is foreign exchange?

The currencies used by foreign countries are called foreign exchange - or FX in short.

What is an exchange rate?

The equivalent of a foreign exchange in Turkish lira (TRY) is called that currency's exchange rate.

Where can I track exchange rates?

You can visit the Kuveyt Türk Finance Portal page to follow the exchange rates instantly. You can also install TradePlus on your smartphone to monitor up-to-date exchange rates.

Which foreign currency transactions can I perform via Kuveyt Türk Mobile?

Which foreign currency transactions can I perform via Kuveyt Türk Mobile?