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You may end up in a situation where you cause material or physical damage to third parties in traffic. These losses you incur are first covered by Compulsory Traffic Insurance. However, if the limits of this insurance are insufficient, the losses exceeding the amount are under your personal liability as the owner of the vehicle who caused the accident. If you do not consider the guarantee limits of your Compulsory Traffic Insurance, you can raise the limits with Voluntary Pecuniary Liability Insurance.

Unlimited Voluntary Pecuniary Liability (Motor Land Vehicle Voluntary Pecuniary Liability) guarantees up to the guarantee limits specified in the policy the driver of the motor vehicle against the legal liability of the driver exceeding the guarantee limits of the Compulsory Financial Liability Insurance according to Highway Traffic Law No. 2918 arising from causing death or injury or material damage to third parties while driving.

Voluntary Pecuniary Liability Guarantee is usually provided as an optional additional guarantee along with Comprehensive Insurance. It is also sold as an individual insurance type.

Voluntary Pecuniary Liability Policy guarantees against the same risks as Compulsory Traffic Policy and also covers the intangible indemnity claims completely excluded from the Traffic Insurance Policy. As a result of any accident, Compulsory Traffic Policy is applied first. If the Compulsory Traffic Insurance limits are insufficient or the party in question has intangible indemnity claims, “Voluntary Pecuniary Liability” provides more than the Traffic Policy does according to your level of fault.

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