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Travel Health Insurance is an insurance agreement guaranteeing treatment for any urgent health problems you might face during domestic or foreign travels and is supported by assistance services according to the selected alternative.

Kuveyt Türk Travel Health Insurance main guarantees are the 4 listed below:

Medical treatment for sudden disorders and illnesses

In case of sudden sickness or injury under this policy, surgery and treatment expenses, as well as the expenses of the medication prescribed by the relevant doctor, are covered within the limits of the policy.

The travel or transfer of the insured to the closest healthcare institution where the treatment is available.

In case of sudden sickness or injury under this policy, your access to the closest healthcare institution is provided with the transfer vehicle which is most suitable for your medical condition. The insurance company is obliged to provide your transfer to another healthcare institution which fits your medical condition if the present healthcare institution does not have the necessary equipment and medical team required for your treatment.

Transfer of the insured to their address of residence after their discharge.

If you are discharged after a treatment that required inpatient surgery at a medical center due to sickness or injury under this policy, the doctor who performed your treatment shall decide whether you can continue to travel and whether you can use the means of transport you used for the main travel also for your return to the address of residence. In that case, Kuveyt Türk covers the required expenses for your transportation to your address of residence with the transfer vehicle determined by your physician that fits your medical condition within the terms of the policy.

Transfer of the deceased insured

Bu poliçe kapsamında aniden hastalanma veya yaralanma sonucu vefat etmeniz halinde Kuveyt Türk, cenazenin talep edilen adrese naklini temin eder ve oluşan masrafları öder.

Click here for Travel Health Insurance General Conditions.

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