Complementary Health Insurance


Full Participation Health Insurance is in Kuveyt Türk!

Kuveyt Türk Complementary Health Insurance allows you to enjoy the services of private health care institutions contracted with the Social Security Institution without paying additional expenses.

What is Complementary Health Insurance?

Complementary Health Insurance is a type of insurance that covers the additional fees charged at SSI-contracted private healthcare providers.

How to Apply for Complementary Health Insurance?

  • If you are an SSI general health insurance beneficiary, you can apply for Complementary Health Insurance at the nearest Kuveyt Türk office.
  • In addition to the citizens of the Republic of Türkiye, foreign nationals can also apply for insurance.
  • Persons older than 15 days and younger than 59 years of age can be covered with optional insurance unless otherwise decided by Katılım Emeklilik.
  • You can insure your children older than 15 days and younger than 18 years of age by including them in your own policy.
  • If you wish, you can insure your unmarried children, whom you are responsible for as a policyholder. In this case, SSI acceptance criteria serve as the basis.

Complementary Health Insurance Features

Here are the details on the coverage and features of Complementary Health Insurance:

  • Additional fees incurred while receiving services from private institutions are covered under the General Terms and Conditions of Health Insurance and Special Terms and Conditions of Complementary Health Insurance.
  • Within the scope of Full Participation Insurance, your inpatient treatment expenses are fully covered without limit.
  • Outpatient treatment expenses subject to the insurance are also covered fully.
  • You can benefit from Complementary Health Insurance outpatient treatment coverage for 8 cases per year.
  • In case of emergencies such as sudden illness, accident, or injury, you can benefit from Land Ambulance service free of charge.
  • Within the Land Ambulance Coverage, the insurance company also covers the expenses of a single standard private room, meals, and one companion.
  • Surgical materials and home care services are covered on your behalf with an annual limit of 30,000 TRY.
  • Complementary Health Insurance does not include maternity coverage.
  • For detailed information, please visit

Complementary Health Insurance Coverage

Complementary Health Insurance covers different services for inpatient and outpatient treatments:

  • Complementary Health Insurance Inpatient Treatment Coverages
    • Emergency medical expenses and minor operations,
    • Surgical and internal hospitalization,
    • Intensive care,
    • Chemotherapy,
    • Radiotherapy,
    • Dialysis,
    • Coronary angiography,
    • Surgical supplies and home care.
  • Complementary Health Insurance Outpatient Treatment Coverages
    • Medical examination,
    • Laboratory services,
    • Screening and advanced diagnostic methods,
    • Land ambulance,
    • Physiotherapy with an annual limit of 2,000 TRY.


How Can I Apply for Complementary Health Insurance?

You can quickly apply for Complementary Health Insurance by visiting the nearest Kuveyt Türk office. If you are not a customer yet, you can visit our Become a Kuveyt Türk Customer page and apply now to secure your health!