Transaction Amount/Limits With and Without Card

Transaction Amount/Limits With and Without Card

Transaction amount / limit with and without card

You can trade at İşlematik of Kuveyt Turk with or without your card within the following limits.

What are the Transaction Amounts and Limits at İşlematik?

Cardless Transactions

Transaction Name Daily Limit
Cash Deposit 19.000 TL
Credit Card Debt Payment 15.000 TL
Bill Payment 10 Times
Exchange 5.000 TL**
Transfer to Name 4.000 TL
Transfer to Card 1.500 TL*
Transfer to IBAN 1.500 TL*
Cash Withdrawal With QR Code 5.000 TL
Cash Withdrawal With Reference Code 500 TL***

*A 10 TRY commission applies for EFT transactions.

**Euros and dollars can be converted. The correspondence of the converted amount shall not exceed the stated limit. A total 15,000 TRY worth of transactions are allowed within six months.<

***You cannot withdraw more than 500 TRY daily, and 1,500 TRY monthly from incoming mobile transfers. Amounts that are unable to be withdrawn are refunded to the sender.

Card Transactions

Transaction Name Card Type Daily Limit
Grams of Gold All Kuveyt Türk and Other Bank Credit Cards 2 Pieces
Cash Advance Only Sale Plus Kuveyt Türk Credit Card 2000 TL *
Transfer To Card Kuveyt Türk Bank Cards 2.000 TL
Transfer To IBAN Kuveyt Türk Bank Cards 2.000 TL
Cash Withdrawal Kuveyt Türk Bank Card 5.000 TL **
Transfer to Other Account Kuveyt Türk Bank Cards 4.000 TL
Internal transfer Kuveyt Türk Bank Card 4.000 TL
ATM Card Shopping Kuveyt Türk Bank Cards 4.000 TL ***
Cash Deposit Kuveyt Türk Bank Cards 100.000 TL
Bill Payment Kuveyt Türk Bank Cards 10 Times

* Cash advances cannot exceed 10% of the limit. A monthly and daily limit of 500 TRY applies.

** Customers could withdraw up to 20.000 TL on Kuveyt Türk ATM which located in branches.

*** Kuveyt Call Center (444 0 123 / 0850 251 0 123) can perform daily limit increases of up to 6,000 TRY.