ATMs By Transaction Characteristics


Kuveyt Türk continues to offer innovative products from its ATMs to meet customer needs.

You can enjoy special solutions for your transactions with different ATMs that address diverse needs.

Kuveyt Türk ATMs By Transaction Types

Exchange ATMs

Exchange ATMs allow you to exchange your Dollars and Euros into TRY. Follow these steps to carry out a transaction at an exchange ATM:

  1. Press the "Enter" key to enter the Cardless Menu,
  2. Login to the Exchange menu,
  3. Select the language,
  4. Dial your phone number with the country code,
  5. Enter the password sent to your phone,
  6. Select the currency type you will transact,
  7. Enter the currency amount to be deposited,
  8. Deposit the money and confirm the transaction,
  9. Grab the exchanged money from the ATM.

Exchange ATM Features and Limitations

  • You can exchange a maximum of TRY 2,000 per day and a maximum of TRY 2,500 per month,
  • You can only exchange Euros and Dollars,
  • You can only perform your transaction through the cardless menu.

Dollar ATMS
If you have a Kuveyt Türk Dollar Account, you can withdraw foreign exchange from Dollar ATMs. 
Don't have a dollar account? Then you can apply now through Kuveyt Türk Mobile, Internet Branch, Telephone Banking, or XTM.
You can follow these steps to carry out a transaction at a dollar ATM:

  1. Log in to the ATM by inserting your card,
  2. Enter the withdrawal menu,
  3. Click on the Dollar option,
  4. Enter the Dollar amount you will withdraw,
  5. Get your money and information receipt.

Dollar ATM Features and Limitations

  • You can withdraw up to a maximum of TRY 5,000 per day at the exchange rate of that day,
  • Your money is issued in denominations of 20.

Lobby ATMs
You can withdraw and deposit money in a secure environment without waiting in line through Lobby ATMs located in our branches.
The withdrawal limit for Lobby ATMs is TRY 20,000, and the deposit limit is TRY 100,000.

Accessible ATMs
Our orthopedically and visually impaired customers can carry out their transactions comfortably through Accessible ATMs.
Accessible ATMs comply with wheelchair standards in terms of height and access.
Our visually impaired customers can perform all their transactions with the ease of voice menu using headphones.
Click here to see the nearest Accessible ATMs to perform your banking transactions comfortably!