Gold Dispensing ATMs


Buy gram/ quarter gold coins at Kuveyt Türk ATMs 24/7!

Thanks to Kuveyt Türk's Gold Dispensing ATMs, you can purchase grams or quarters of gold coins 24/7.

What Is a Gold Dispensing ATM?

A Gold Dispensing ATM is an ATM that allows you to purchase gold coins using your Kuveyt Türk debit card or credit card.

Features of Gold Dispensing ATMs

  • You can make transactions from your TRY or Gold Accounts.
  • You can purchase a maximum of 2 gram or quarter gold coins.
  • You can visit our Product and Service Fees page to learn more about the commission fees related to physical gold purchases.

How Can I Purchase Gold from Gold Dispensing ATMs?

  1. Insert your debit card into the terminal of a Kuveyt Türk Gold Dispensing ATM,
  2. Click on the Physical Gold Purchase on the Main Menu,
  3. (For transactions using an ATM card) Choose the account with which you will buy gold,
  4. (For transactions using an ATM card) Select the account to be debited for commission fees,
  5. Confirm the transaction from the screen with the exchange rate and commission information,
  6. Pick up the gold coins and the receipt.

You can click here to see the nearest Gold Dispensing ATM.